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By: George Velvet

Finding a professional and reputable mohel is important, for both surgical aspects of the circumcision and the traditional aspects regarding the ceremony and the proper meaning of it. When looking for such a person, it can be rabbi with medical knowledge, but what is important is for the person to be experienced with the surgical procedure, to make sure it is done right and no complications in the future will arise. Mohel Bris revolves around the ceremony of the child’s circumcision and it is often considered the initial Bar Mitzvah.

People are sometimes wondering who is properly qualified to do the circumcision. According to the Torah, the father should be performing it. Even so, if the father is not a mohel, then the task can be delegated to a qualified person to perform the procedure instead. In such modern days, there are many children who are circumcised in the hospital, by doctors. They do it within two days after the birth. On the other hand, to stick to the tradition, it is known that the circumcision must be done on the 8th day and only a mohel Bris is capable of doing things right, respecting tradition and the ceremony itself.

The location in which the mohel Bris should take place is up to the parents, but it is usually done in a synagogue. Even so, many parents these days prefer to have a big celebration and choose a restaurant, or a catering facility that will support their needs and have a grand festivity. Those who prefer a smaller gathering can organize the Bris Milah in their own homes. it is possible to find a mohel in any state, but what matters greatly is to make a little investigation and see exactly the qualifications of the person, the experience in the field, recommendations and feedback from others who chose him for the procedure and so on.

When it comes to the amount of money charged by a mohel for the circumcision and the mohel Bris, it depends from person to person. There are also many methods of circumcision that are considered nowadays. Some like to use the traditional method and have a shield, while others prefer other tools. When choosing a person for the process, it is possible to ask him about the methods he uses the most and what he recommends best. Some are indeed faster and more gentle for the newborn, which helps create a better experience and helps parents cope better with the situation.

When reviewing and going through the delegated people that can undergo the Bris, there are a few essential aspects to keep count of. For example, see if the person is experienced in the surgical methods and has all the knowledge in the field. But in the same time, the person must be well familiarized with the Jewish ceremony, which is traditional and should be organized right. You can also speak to several mohels and see exactly with whom you are familiar with and feel the utmost comfortable. People always give testimonials, so it can be a good starting point to finding the right person.

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In case you happen to be looking for a mohel to do the ceremony and engage your child in the Jewish community, you don’t have to look any further. The mohel Bris is a very important ceremony and all traditions should be respected.

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