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If you’ve been wandering the nooks and crannies of eBay you’ve probably taken a minute or two to compare yourself to a few other eBayers and their respective profiles. You may have asked yourself the magic question, “What do those other sellers have that I don’t have?”

Let’s take a quick look.

Other eBayers have products for sale, of course. Some of the products may be unique, while others may be common. Some may be brand new and still in the box, while others might be in various states of condition ranging from slightly used, to tattered and worn. Still, there is nothing special about the fact that eBay sellers sell stuff.

Some of the sellers you inspect might have highly elaborate sites that use advanced forms of HTML coding, while others prefer to go with a bare bones, no frills approach to how they offer the products and services they are selling.

There is a wide range of options that different eBayers use to make their auctions stand out from the rest of the pack. One of the great things about eBay is that these various options, for the most part, are available to almost everyone, allowing for a fairly even playing field for anyone entering the arena. There is one factor, however, that is not a simple open option. Feedback is an earned rating that is based both on the quality of the transactions an eBayer has been involved in, and on the actual number of transactions that an eBayer has been involved in as well. We have covered the importance of always trying to maintain the highest level of professionalism and service during the course of any transaction. It can be a little difficult, however, for beginners to claim rights to the experience that is reflected in high feedback numbers. There are some things that you can do to help yourself rack up higher feedback numbers, gain experience at a more rapid pace, and not resort to selling everything you own in the process. These multiple goals are sometimes achieved through a practice that is sometimes referred to as “feedback loading”.

If it has become apparent that you need to up your feedback number, you might want to try making a large number of purchases of any of the many items that are offered for sale at a cost that is under $1.00. There are even a huge number of items, like digitally delivered e-books and information products, that can be purchased for as little as a penny a piece. There is no reason to turn your nose up at these items or the act of purchasing a great number of items like these, as they are often quite useful, fun, interesting, and as viable in terms of being ratable transactions as any other item that is offered for sale through eBay. There is another favorable benefit to doing this. Items like these are often offered by sellers such that the exchange of feedback is done in an automated way that is almost instantaneous.

You could conceivably up your feedback number by almost exponential factors that would take a casual seller much more time to achieve, and you can accomplish this with a budget that is extremely affordable. Ten dollars will go a long way toward gaining you the numbers, experience, and one other side benefit. Many of the digital information products you will find are also sold with full resale rights, meaning that you are acquiring the rights to repackage and resell those intellectual properties yourself without having to worry about copyright infringement or having to pay royalties to the original content creator or provider. You can probably see how this can build your status, experience, knowledge, and even give you new products with potentially outstanding margins of profitability.

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