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Human body is made up of millions of cells. When any organism including human born it contain a single cell but gradually the cell starts dividing and form a well-organized multi cellular human body. Cells are the structural and functional unit of human body. All the important functions of human body are performed by the cell. Many similar types of cells combined to form a tissue. Many tissues combined to form an organismís body. The cells continuously divide for a certain period of time but after a specific period of time it gets stopped. This cell division is controlled by some internal factors like some proteins, enzymes and last but not the least is gene.

What is Cancer? Though human body has a well-organized system but some time some abnormalities may occur in the human body. Some of these abnormalities may be fetal for human being. One of them is abnormal and uncontrolled cell division which causes a dangerous disease called cancer. Cancer is a kind of disease where cell division becomes uncontrolled. This due to the genes or factors which controls cell division becomes damage. The cancer affected cells become irregular in shape and shortly starts spreading all over the body. Cancer is mainly two types benign and malignant. The first one is not so much dangerous because it cannot spread and it is also called tumor. The second one is dangerous because it spreads vary rapidly.

Cause of Cancer Cancer is a disease caused by mutation or structural changes in the. There are many elements which cause cancer, these elements are called carcinogens. Some carcinogens are benzene, UV ray of sun light etc. Tobacco is an another dangerous carcinogen which cause cancer Many foods specially the fast foods which can be found in the market can cause cancer. One of the most dangerous cancer causing agents is tobacco. It can cause cancer in many parts of human body like lungs, throats etc. Cancer can also be caused due to different pollutants like Arsenic, Lead etc.

Types of Cancer Cancer can affect any part of human body. According to the affected area cancer may be of many types like
Carcinoma: Cancer occurred in epithelial tissue
Myeloma: Cancer occurred in connective tissue
Leukemia: Abnormal increase in WBC count. It is also called blood cancer
Liver Cancer: Cancer in liver
Breast Cancer: Cancer in breast.

Treatment for Cancer In the previous time cancer was an incurable disease but as the science progresses the treatment of cancer getting discovered. There are many treatment for cancer such as
Chemotherapy: In this process cancer cells are killed by applying different chemicals.
Radiation Therapy: In this process different radioactive rays like x-ray, Gama-ray are used to destroy the cancer cells.
Surgery: The Cancer affected area can be removed by surgery etc.

Cancer clinics Now a days many cancer clinics are developed all over the world where the cancer treatment and research are occurring side by side.

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