Influencing Your Interviewer

By: Jimmy Sweeney

Honing your job interview skills will require less effort than you imagine. If you're scheduled for an interview, this means that you are already qualified for the job possibly against a dozen or more other job applicants. It's just a matter of convincing the interviewer that you're the best man or woman for the job.
The art of persuasion is a very useful tool if a person knows how to use it. It will come quite in handy in any social situation, an interview for instance. It gets you what you want within an unlimited scope, the only limit being your skill at persuasion itself. Here is a list of things to remember when attempting the subtle art of persuasion:
Safe and Secure: Attempt to instill a feeling of safety and security in the interviewer. Build up a connection until it won't be awkward to ask slightly personal questions in the middle of your job interview answers.
Make the person feel secure by agreeing with their opinions, or answering a couple job interview questions in way that'll go well with them. Ask you build up your rapport, it will not be awkward to ask how they are doing, if they have a family: simple, non-invasive yet personal questions. This will make them feel safer with trusting you -which slowly builds the path towards the next step.
Mimic the subject: Attempt to mimic the subject's tone and volume of voice. Imitate in very subtle ways. Slowly but surely, match how the interviewer converses.
Make your subject feel secure. Perhaps appear a little submissive to their authority. This will instill a feeling of security and safety. Show interest in what the subject is saying, smile and look at the subject as you listen and speak.
Imitate the subject. Do this subtly; you do not want to appear like you are mocking the subject that will lead to your losing their trust. Simply, match what the subject does, but in your own way. For instance, if the subject speaks loudly, then speak loudly as how you would naturally do it. Do this with each of your job interview answers.
Lead the subject: If the interviewer does not catch on to what you are attempting, you have succeeded. Should you master this, you won't need any other job interview tips. As you mimic the interviewer, slowly try to nudge the situation your way by being the one they copy.
Persuasive manipulation is a completely legitimate way of getting what you want out of a person. But the more you master it, the more you should practice it responsibly and not abuse the art. It's different from threatening, bribing, etc. which are more anti-social -not likely to get you a job interview follow up.
Persuasion, manipulation, sneaking into somebody's subconscious, these are very real but difficult job interview skills. Don't stick to a single plan as you attempt this. You're trying to work a human mind, so like it; you should be open to shifts and changes in the conversation. Tread lightly and be careful.

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