Inflation vs Deflation Rates and Where We're At

By: Jennifer Austin

Inflation & deflation and their many meanings, should be carefully dissected. Although both have similar meanings, deflation can differ a bit. Deflation can often be found to be the very reason for inflation. The solution for money inflation is the same for deflation. Deflation however often looks for increasing the value of money, but can in turn doing so, cause supply and demand to dwindle.
Inflation and deflation can cause many problems other than just a fall in the economy. It can have devastating effects on people and their means to survive. Sounds serious you might say, well it is. More often than not people find their health failing both emotionally and physically. This occurs from the worry of and inflated economy and what it may mean for a person and their family. Monetary inflation and deflation shows no mercy, and can affect anyone from any walk of life.
When inflation or deflation is on its way to becoming a problem, it can actually be happening without anyone knowing. The reason for this is, that it usually takes a significant amount of time to show itself. When inflation or deflation is thought of as being a tax, it can appear as hidden. It can then cause one to believe that inflation or deflation is not taking place, because this way allows it to surface much slower. By the time it is recognized, the effects are well on their way. You will see a marked decrease in purchases sometimes even at a landslide rate.
The affects of inflation and deflation more often than not curtailed by the assurance of stabilization, does little to quell the masses. The increase of money distribution where deflation is concerned, can often be the very means of why money inflation can occur, or occurred in the first place. The cold hard facts of inflation causes can sometimes help to establish a solution to the problem.
Inflation has the means to operate out of control if no solution can be implemented. Left unchecked, inflation and deflation can cause catastrophic panic of proportions that can bring down mankind as we know it. Working on inflation and deflation has to be an on going process. It cannot be allowed to happen in the first place and if it does, people need to be made aware in a record amount of time.
Realize. they themselves are having trouble purchasing the goods for their business to resell. They simply can't afford to offer them at the former prices. Business can't profit in this bogged down situation and go under.
Inflation or deflation causes could be better explained if one could see it happening when gold was once used as money. Rulers of countries and their kingdoms would often horde the gold and then combine it with other less precious metals, but this redistribute it as if it held the same value. In doing this, the rulers would increase the amount of gold being put through the system. This would allow them to use less gold than what it once took. The rulers profited from this practice, but the poor or the middle-class then, would not. They would need more and more gold to purchase the same goods and services as they had before.

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