Indoor and Outdoor Canadian Car Storage Understanding Your Requirements

By: Cherlyn Yanan

If you are looking for Canadian car storage you are sure to find numerous options that fit every budget and requirement, which is why you might have a problem making a decision. Being spoiled for choice is always preferred versus having only a few options, but herein is the possibility that you might pick the first storage facility you find. Researchers have found that when it comes to making decisions or purchases, the ‘first in line’ of all the alternatives has the most significant impact on our minds. Thereafter no matter how many alternatives we consider, the first will always keep reappearing as the best option. This is why it is important to first piece together a list of your exact requirements and constraints before you start your search. By doing this you ensure that your hunt for the ideal Canadian car storage facility is focused and deliberate, no matter how immediate your need.

Indoor or Outdoor Facility

Most Canadian car storage units will give you the option of both indoor and outdoor facilities. While indoor units will ensure that your car is well protected from natural elements and rodents, they are also more expensive. Pricing could range anywhere around $200 a month. Outdoor storage, on the other hand, is less expensive but does not have the security a fully enclosed space guarantees. You can make this decision based on the value and size of your car and the weather in your area. If rain and snow are to be expected during the months of storage, which is good possibility considering Canadian weather, then go in for indoor storage. If not then a carefully covered and protected car in the outdoors should do just fine.

Individual Unit

Indoor units are more likely to be individualized versus outdoor ones. In fact for some companies their outdoor storage facilities tend to resemble large parking lots with an assortment of vehicles. Visiting each facility you are considering might come in handy in helping you make your decision. Examining how much space is allotted to each car, the separators used to mark each lot in an outdoor space, the covering and protection provided etc is a good idea. Especially with outdoor spaces the identification marks used to distinguish one owner’s property from another is critically important. This is essential not only to avoid mix-up but also for insurance purposes. By checking all of this including insurance coverage details, you will be able to decide whether indoor or outdoor storage is more suitable to your requirements.

Security and Convenience

With Canadian car storage facilities, you can be guaranteed 24/7 security and the latest in motion detector and anti-theft equipment. When it comes to indoor storage some units even have biometric scanning and swipe-card access. This ensures that only authorized personnel get to enter the units. Outdoor units might not have this limited access facility, but they will still have high security in the form of patrols and security cameras. And while the security is of extreme importance, it is also absolutely necessary for you to inquire about how often you can access your vehicle. While some facilities are open 24/7, others can be accessed six days a week from 8 am to 8 pm. You can therefore make your selection depending on how often you need to retrieve your vehicle.

Thus by examining the facilities of each Canadian car storage unit with the help of these pointers, you will be able to make a balanced and judicious decision that not only suits your requirements but also fits your budget. After all, even though you are putting your car into storage, it does require care and security that befits its value.

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