Individuals of Today Like Four Kinds of Music

By: Connor Sullivan

If an ipod screen repair or an iphone screen repair is needed to see what people are listening to on their music listening devices, people could turn to the internet or itunes for this information instead. The internet provides the latest statistics on what music trends are popular and what albums are being purchased. Itunes has this same information, yet they also provide a wide variety of song selections from up and coming artists. Regardless of where this statistical information is located, there are four types of music that are most popular right now. These kinds of genre are Adult Alternative, Folk, Indie Rock and Pop.
Adult Alternative music consists of groups or individuals who are making meaningful songs set to modern and upbeat music. In the 80's bands like The Cure, REM and Duran Duran were setting trends and selling a lot of albums. Today Jason Mraz, Dave Mathews and Green Day are the artists who are at the top of the music charts. These artists make music that tell stories about things that relate to people of today. Their music is played on local Cincinnati radio stations like Q102 and KISS107. Many of their songs are featured on satellite radio as well.
Folk music has many similarities as Adult Alternative music, with many artists overlapping in these two categories. The major difference between these two is the tempo of the music. Folk music also generally tells stories but it is done so with much slower, calmer music in the background. While Adult Aternative provides songs to dance to, Folk music gave the listeners songs for hanging out and relaxing. Artists who are currently leading the charts in the Folk category include Allison Kraus, Nancy Griffith and The Wailin Jennys. Each of these artists provides meaningful music to all age people.
Indie Rock music is a mix of traditional rock n' roll and adult alternative. The biggest discrepancy between these two groups is the level of rock in the music. While the songs are still filled with good words, the background music becomes the primary focus. There are more guitar and drum solos, less words and an increased amount musical interludes with no singing. Indie Rock tunes are located on radio stations like 89.7 of Northern Kentucky University. This is not the only type of music they play but they do feature select hours where Indie Rock dominates the station. Artists who are dominating this category of music today are Weezer, Foo Fighters and Kings of Leon.
Lastly, Pop music has always been and continues today to be one of the main choices of music for people of all ages. This musical genre is played across most radio stations, in movies and commercials and on satellite radio. It is the type of music played in bars and restaurants in every city of the US too. Pop music features catchy lyrics set to beats of music that repeats a lot. Artists who are at the top of the charts in this area right now are Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift and The Black Eyed Peas.

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