Individuals Of Which Ages Are Mainly Stricken By Alcoholism?

By: James Handforth

The trends of drinking contrast with reverence to societies and the age collection of the persons. A number of people are social drinkers and some are serious drinkers, while a few comes under the class of alcoholics and necessitate psychotherapy to fight it.
Age is an important factor when we consider alcoholism. This is because people at different ages have different levels of willpower to fight against addiction and refraining from drinking. In the UK, the number of men drinking alcohol is far greater than women. There number has been increasing at a great pace over the years relatively to the women. The number of alcoholic men is two times the number of alcoholic women.
The trends of alcoholism chiefly fluctuate with respect to age in addition to little age groups are there, in which alcoholism has develop into a grim dilemma. The fatality rate has improved down to alcohol utilisation.
The number of people who have serious drinking problem has been increasing. The youngsters between the ages of fifteen and thirty four are the usual victims. The percentage of deaths in this age group has been on the rise
Various statistics and trends show that alcoholism prevails less in people as the age increases and the people with older ages are likely to be less involved in alcoholism than the younger ones. The phenomenon of reduced drinking with older ages is because the sensitivity to alcohol increases with age. Among people who are between eighteen and twenty four years of age, most are involved in binge drinking, which has now become integral part of their social lives.
People who are between the ages of 19 and 24 and 45 to 64 are more likely to drink more than those aged between 40 and 64. Men between 25 and 44 years of age consume more alcohol while women between 16 and 24 years drink the highest units as compared to the women of other age groups. However, men still remain as the top consumers of alcohol than women.
It looks as if that the most suffering age group by alcoholism is between 19 plus 24. The drinking levels at this age accomplish high-risk levels. Extremely few folks aged between 15 and 18 years consume alcohol. Amongst women, alcoholism is very severe between the ages 45 and 54. Countless researches prove that the question of alcoholism becomes occasional with age, the older the age, the less injured by alcoholism the person is.
There are altered categories of treatments available for alcoholism and these treatments are further malformed in accordance with the age of the person and former features. This is for the reason that people at different ages have changed strength of will to fight against alcoholism and consequently their recovery period also varies. The ruthlessness of alcoholism varies with respect to age and that is why the age feature is kept in vision, when deciding upon choosing the rehabilitation program.

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