Indispensable Inventions

By: alexis

Ever asked a student what is the greatest invention ever? Expect varied and numerous answers such as the television, computer, cellphone, Ibook, Ipod, Idog, smart phone, xbox, wii and even the toilet. The last one sounds funny but can you imagine going to school or you are in a building without a toilet? It is really impossible. But seriously, today's e-Generation are very fortunate and privileged to have a plethora of gadgets that make their lives more convenient.

In the ancient times, people had to rely on simple tools like drums, fire, sticks and stones to survive. They used smoke or carved stones to communicate with other people who dwelt in caves or trees. However, people slowly evolved their tools and sought new methods for communication.

In contrast, the e-Generation already possess exceptional communication tools and technologies. For example, students no longer take notes by using a pen and a paper. They only need to use a laptop or smartphones to do well in their “cyber classrooms.” The e-Generation are digitally literate and are adept at using technology to pursue their academic goals and social activities. They are able to interact not only with their peers and family, but also with the rest of the world who are able to log in to the Internet.

Even in the corporate world, a digital revolution had already taken place. In a research published by the U.S. Department of Commerce using U.S. Census Bureau Current Population Survey Supplements, it was revealed that about 65 million of the 115 million adults who were employed and age 25 and over, use a computer at work. Since the workplace provides an important venue for many adults to use computers and the Internet, about 48 million of this group regularly connect to the Internet and use e-mail at work.

With the exposure of these adults in the workplace on the Internet, the survey also mentioned that approximately 24 million of the 65 million employed adults who use computer at work tends to also work on a computer at home or even do business at home using the Internet. As the U.S. has become an Internet-dependent society, technology has rapidly become a common fixture in the workplace.

One such example of the latest in workplace technology is Internet faxing. Internet faxing allows documents to be sent and received via e-mail or via secure server over a standard Internet connection, rather than through conventional phone lines. It is transmitted as a PDF (portable document format) attachment by e-mail. One can send or receive faxes anywhere through a mobile computer, PDA, or smartphone ( a mobile phone with personal computer like functions) that has wireless Web access.

Probably the most significant impact of Internet faxing has been on the ability of busy employees to save time and manage important documents better. Internet faxing is the in-thing for people who are always on the go and those who have businesses run from their homes. Businesses that are set up at home or even on the road, can avail of this service at a click of a button. Internet faxing is a simple, convenient and efficient way to do fax messaging.

Students as well as employees are certainly enjoying the benefits of living in a digital world. With the ever-growing and ever-evolving line of gadgets and tools for communication, we are still anticipating and are always on a look out for the greatest invention next to the humble yet indispensable toilet.

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