Increase Sales By Getting Customers To Buy More

By: Birrell Harris

For service providers, it's standard to work with a client, even in the case of ongoing work, on a single type of project or service, ignoring the fact that you provide a plethora of other services for other clients. Introducing your existing customers to your other services, expanding the range of projects you work with a client on, is far cheaper than acquiring new customers. This article will discuss a few ways in which you can non-invasively hint at your other service offerings to your existing customers and hopefully encourage them to investigate what other services you provide.

Develop Special Promotions for Package Deals

The goal of a package deal is to introduce your customers to completely different area of your service offering for a discount. For example, a graphics designer might offer a package deal for a business identity, combining Web design, logo design, and business letterhead, knocking 10-20% off the rates he or she would normally ask for individual projects. Even if you think a substantial price reduction of your services would be unwise, remember that bundling services cuts down on administrative work and you can probably reuse parts of one project to build another.

If your business uses a rewards program, for example, "Buy 10 cups of coffee and get 1 free," you can cross-promote your products by offering a different set of goods or services for the free reward. In this case, you might offer free baked goods, free wifi, or any other service you might normally charge for. This continues to add the same value of encouraging repeat customers while introducing your clientele to another service that you provide.

Use Brochures and Newsletters

There's no reason to stop using e-mail marketing and your website to promote yourself, but in the age of SPAM marketing, there's a good chance many of your e-mails are ending up in the trash can, and how many of your customers actually care enough to check your website?

Paper marketing materials, like a mailed brochure or newsletter, postcard, Christmas card, or fridge magnet, tend to get noticed. It costs a little more to distribute printed materials, from $1 per client for a simple newsletter to upwards of $5 per client for a color brochure or Christmas card, so you can judge for yourself your potential ROI by switching to more traditional marketing methods.

Use Your Testimonials Better

First and foremost, make sure you have testimonials covering your full range of service offerings. Utilize each testimonial to tell a story about a specific service and the costs and benefits associated with it. Testimonials are a key consideration for nearly every new client, and introducing a range of services up front can keep you from playing catch-up later.

Get Your Services on Social Media

Use your social media page (you do have a social media page, don't you?) to promote a different service every month and offer a special discount exclusively to followers. Not only is this a really effective way to cross-promote your products, but it's also a good way to declare new service offerings, as your social media fans already have developed brand loyalty and are the most likely customers to purchase again from you.

Remember that if your customers don't know what you offer, you won't be able to upsell them on your other services. With a little cross-promotion, you'll be able to earn more revenue from your existing customers as you build awareness about your other service offerings.

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