In-office Teeth Whitening With Kor For Superior Results In Less Time

By: Gen Wright

KoR Deep Bleaching is one of the most effective ways to add "Wow" to your appearance. You may have heard that bleaching can be unpredictable, painful and doesn't last long, but you can rest easy with KoR whitening. Thousands of dentists agree that KoR whitening is the most predictable and effective technique developed to whiten your smile. KoR deep bleaching restores your teeth's ability to absorb oxygen and the oxygen from the whitening gel is absorbed deep into the tooth, dissolving stains. It is the most dramatic and effective whitening system available at your Cordova dentist's office, with most patients lightening their teeth 12 to 16 shades or more.

What is KoR Whitening?

KoR whitening is the answer to many of your frustrating teeth whitening issues. When other whitening treatments have not yielded the results you wanted, KoR whitening can help. With this procedure your dentist can help to achieve permanent incredible whitening success with every single patient and how to do it with very low or no sensitivity.

Developed by Dr. Rod Kurthy, KoR was created with the goal of being able to whitening even the most hard to whiten teeth. Teeth having a grayish color and labeled as Tetracycline stained teeth, showing enamel damage, can now be whitened with the KoR Bleaching System. It is used by thousands of dentists worldwide and is considered to be the most reliable and effective bleaching system ever developed.

How does it Work?

All bleaching systems work on the same principle that teeth are whitened in direct proportion to the strength of the whitening agent and the length of time the agent remains in contact with the teeth. There are two levels of KoR Whitening - at-home and deep bleaching in-office. Successful bleaching is a blend of in-office and at-home treatments that give dentists greater freedom to control the strength and duration of bleaching used in the whitening process. Typically, the procedure involves an innovative custom-molded mouth tray with whitening gel that provides six or more hours of active teeth whitening during sleep, compared to average custom whitening trays made by dental offices which provide an average of 25 to 35 minutes of active whitening. When the full deep bleaching option is selected, the at-home portion of whitening is followed by in-office whitening. For the in-office appointment, a strong peroxide solution is used.

Treating Even the Deepest Stains

Tetracycline based medications were a popular antibiotic in the past. This medication was first patented and widely used in 1950 and was first implemented in treatments for children, the developmental impact on tooth enamel formation was not fully understood. Tetracycline medications were discovered to disrupt the process of amelogenesis, which is the foundation of enamel on the teeth that occurs during the crown stage of tooth development. Now, people who are living with tetracycline stains can dramatically improve their smile and have remarkable whitening results. With KoR, tetracycline stains can be successfully whitening, giving people living with grayish tooth shades a new outlook on life.

To find out what whitening system works best for you, contact your dentist in Newark today for more information on the KoR Bleaching System. KoR is so effective it can whiten some of the hardest stained teeth. Contact your dentist in Cordova today for further consultations on whitening your smile.

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