Improve Patient Care With Digital Technology

By: Adam Christie

Advancement in technology has not left any field not even dentistry.

Digital technology in dentistry is broadly divided into 2 parts:

- Digital impressioning

- CAD or CAM dental restoration systems

With the use of digital technology, the dentistry has advanced over the years and there is no doubt in it. There is an obvious advancement in the hardware, software and the milling units of the dental care. Digital technology has brought some revolutionary changes in the way dentists treat their patients.

The changes are obviously positive and remarkable. It has increased the effectiveness of the dentists to treat the patients. Dentists have started to make the use of digital technology in the various practice centers, their clinics, and hospitals. It has tremendously benefitted the dentists as well as the patients. With the use of new digital technology, the dentists have become better in marketing and the patients have got better chances of getting treated early as well as surely.

The commencement of digital technology in dentistry has increased the transparency of the process. Even the patients can see what is actually happening with their teeth and where the problem lies on the digital screens. Dentists have now got the ability to magnify the images of the teeth and get the better view of the patients’ mouth on the digital screens. Moreover, the images are easy to share and achieve in case the patients or other doctors want them.

There is no need of using those harsh trays and conventional equipment to treat the patients now. Patients become more comfortable while getting treated as they are prone to less hardware and dangerously looking equipment. Well, children are the ones who are most benefitted by this technology as they have now started fearing the dentists and their tools less. They have overcome their fears and anxiety of visiting the dentist by now.

In-office CAD/CAM systems have reduced the shipping charges with the in-office millings. The shipping charges are completely eliminated in some cases as well. Now, there is no need of provisional restorations as the CAD/CAM systems come with excellent fit and accuracy. Even if the dentists do not have the in-office CAD/CAM systems, they can still be benefitted with the digital technology designed and fabricated by digital technology vendors.

The research has shown that the use of digital technology in dentistry is much more beneficial than the use of the traditional methods. Scanning of the images has eliminated the common shortfalls of traditional impressions like the material shrinkage, pulls and bubbles, and the expansion of die stones.

Moreover, the digital technology is quick as well as easy to install. You might think it is costlier than the traditional method but the truth is that it is much cheaper than the traditional method dentistry.

Dentists have shifted to the use of digital technology for treating the patients and have felt an increase in their efficiency and overall growth. Digital technology commencement is definitely a boon in the field of dentistry for both the dentist and the patients.

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Dentists can improve patient care with digital technology such as photoprotein and the dental imaging device.

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