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By: nuggyboy2000

If you are a golfer then the most important trick of your trade is your swing. The importance of a good swing can never be over emphasized. It is by far the most important skill that a golfer can acquire. If a good swing is part of your repertoire then your game should improve by leaps and bounds. The first drive is always the most important one of the game. Making it into or close to the green should be your aim because that might decide whether or not you reach par. The following are some small details which might help you master that elusive golf swing.

• Contrary to popular belief, the perfect swing is not really about the powerful arms of the golfer. What you need to learn and master is bringing your whole body to direct a concentrated and powerful swing of the club. Only strong arms is not going to get you that. Remember more power and more control means better swing. Your entire body is going to turn with your club, but don't forget to keep your legs facing the ball. Also, your leading arm should not be bent at all. For a backswing, the force should come from right around your body. This helps to gather the power before the final swing.

• Cocking the wrists is one of the most important aspects of a good swing. It can make or break your game. Remember that your leading or playing arm should always be over the swing. This means that you shall look like a waiter holding a tray, which is actually the perfect position to be in. However, this has to be practiced at least daily before you can do it effortlessly. It also helps in building powerful wrists.

• The feet should be right - This is one of the most common mistakes made by a first time golfer. Never, and I mean NEVER break your stance. You need your perfect stance to maintain a controlled and powerful swing. Never lose your concentration. The front foot should generally be placed firmly on the ground. No matter how great the power, do not move the front foot. You might twist your back foot to gain the momentum but the front foot stays in its place.

• Eyes on the ball - There is a very easy way to ensure that your eyes never leave that ball. Before you start your swing, make sure that your buckle faces the ball. Once you do that, there will be no way you can be looking elsewhere. At the end of the shot, your buckle should be directed exactly at the place where your ball should land. But don't forget to keep the feet on the ground. Never lift them from the ground. When your entire body is thus concentrated on the shot, it is bound to be good.

Practice - This is the most basic and the most relevant tip of all. Practice and practice. There is really no replacement for this. Think about your play. Concentrate on your form, and then on your speed and power. Analyze your style. Tape yourself so that you can see it and pick out the errors later. Follow this and see your game improve.

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