Impressive Lights Bar With Modern Features Offering Great Reliability

By: Sunil Punjabi

Modern lights bar models are different in terms of the power rating, the lighting elements and sometimes the design itself. However, LED light bars have turned out to be the frontrunners as far as emergency vehicle lighting is concerned. This is because LED light bars not only represent the innovative use of modern technology but also boast of an intuitive design that takes care of most aspects of emergency vehicle lighting. For example, LED light bars come in an ABS, polycarbonate or aluminium housing, which offer structural strength along with efficient thermal management. Aluminium if used is extruded, anodized or die cast for resistance to high pressure and high impact. As a result, the LED elements themselves are resilient, moisture resistant and vibration resistant.

Advanced lights bar models are multi-purpose in the sense that they offer more than one function. This makes them very useful and efficient. For example, full length light bars can be used to create a warning signal. The same light bars can be used on unmarked vehicles because they are slim in design and are easily concealable. The light bars also come with traffic advisor sticks which can be used to redirect traffic if required. Some light bars come with rotator strobe heads providing 360-degree vision. There are light bars which come with built in sirens and flash patterns. Thus, a feature rich light bar can offer a lot of different functions, with the help of an illuminated and easy to operate, switch panel.

The lights bar models are equally efficient as far as internal and external mounting is concerned. For example, some compact light bars come with headliner housing which beautifully blends into the interiors of a vehicle making the light bar inconspicuous. The compact dash or visor lights can be mounted with suction cups without the need for drilling holes through the body of the vehicle. In fact, there are mini bars which can be mounted on visor anchor points. The light bar designs as per SAE regulations are reliable and are bound to last through the toughest conditions. Whether they are used on a Utility Interceptor, a Taurus, Ford Crown Victoria or Chevy Suburban, they can be customized for a stable and reliable fit.

Modern lights bar models come with L brackets or bail brackets which can permit adjustment as far as angle, orientation or height of the bar is concerned. Two piece units or one piece brackets can be used depending upon where the lights are mounted. You can also go for light bars with a split housing design comprising of 4 to 6 light heads which can be synchronized to flash together. Alley lights and flashing takedowns along with work lamps are sometimes provided with these lights too. It is possible to configure multiple modules of LEDs together depending upon the vehicle on which the light bar is mounted. For bigger vehicles, you can have more than 4 to 6 LED modules while smaller ones can make do with 2 or 3 modules, or a single split segment module with multi coloured LEDs.

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