Importing In Turkey

By: Gen Wright

Turkey wasn't always open towards imported goods. The economy used to be weak and it was fighting very hard to maintain some stability. But that is in the past now and the country presently has a flourishing economy. However, it still has a lot of demand for goods that are not produced or assembled in the country. This is why an importer would be able to make a good amount of profit by tapping into the current necessities of the country.

You do not have to look very hard to find a niche that you require. Turkey has only recently recovered from a high inflation rate and there are many things that the country still needs. Being a well-developed country, Turkey is in constant need of technology and consumer electronics. That is because most of the high demand items need to be imported in to the country.

The country is also focused on developing infrastructure. This has created a lot of opportunity amongst importers who are experienced in supplying nation-building materials. This includes transport sector items, architectural supplies, metallurgical supplies and basic materials like steel bars, coke, aluminum etc.

These are always necessary in large quantities and the per-unit price is very high. Which is why you need to have a solid foundation and understanding of the entire industry before you can attract lasting business from the market.

Another area that is good for import is the consumer electronics market as mentioned before. You will be facing some stiff competition in this market but if you have the tenacity and the business planning to outshine your competition, you will be able to turn great profits from the business.

Turkey's tourism industry is growing and hence the hospitality sector is also becoming a lucrative area. The hospitality sector often needs imported items to satisfy the demands of their clients. They also consume a lot of imported electronic devices during the setup period of their business. This mainly includes luxury hotels that need state of the art internal communication devices, security devices, emergency systems, etc. These items are not produced or assembled in Turkey. So if you are an expert trader in this area, you can easily influence these hoteliers and get them to buy their equipment from you.

As a growing country, Turkey is also slowly getting modernized. Which is why there is a great demand for fashionable clothing and related items. This is also a highly profitable market for those who can get in to this industry. If you have a good sales pitch and you know your fashion and the target market - you can make a lot of money by importing fashion wear to Turkey. The main areas to focus on would be the metropolitan areas where your main target audience resides.

Once you put in the required effort and dedication, you will soon be able to spot the right market for your skills. Then it is only a matter of time and market research.

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