Important of Breast surgery

By: Swit Milody

All human beings tend to develop breasts this is because they have similar embryological tissues. The only difference is the sizes; men tend to have small breasts due to the high levels of testosterone while women's breasts develop much more as a result of the estrogen hormone. Breast surgery is a form of medical area that uses operative and instrumental techniques and manuals on a patient to treat a breast disease or injury in aim of improving its functions as well as its appearance. There are different forms of breast surgery that can be performed, these includes breast reduction, breast implant, mastectomy, lumpectomy, breast conversing surgery, and mastopexy.

Breast reduction is a breast surgery that involves reducing oversized breasts. Women with quite heavy and very enlarged gynecomastia are recommended for a breast reduction surgery, this is because they face problems such as experiencing pains to the neck, shoulders, back, head, poor blood circulation, unusual breathing, chafing of the skin and improper fit of clothes. Undergoing the breast reduction surgery is of benefit since the size and volume of the enlarged breast will diminish. The breast surgery reduction procedure is determined by the volume of the breast tissues. Breast reduction depends on two things, which are mainly the surgical or the liposuction technique. Such surgery is not recommend for either lactating or recently ceased lactating women, also if the woman is suffering illness, does not understand the limitations of the surgery and ability of the woman to accept the medical complications afterwards if any.

Creation or rather reconstruction of a physical form of a breast is known as breast implant. Well-defined according to their materials, there are three breast implant devices such as the saline, silicone and composite. The composite implant has miscellaneous fillers, while the saline implant is a form of shell filled with germ-free salty solution. The silicone implant is more of a shell filled with gelatinous silicone gel. The main three objectives of having a breast implant, includes having breast replacement that is impaired by trauma, diseases, and also to correct the results of breast surgery had before and lastly give a good size, form and feel of one's breasts.

The mastectomy is a type of breast cancer done in an aim of treating breast cancer. This surgery involves removing the infected breast with cancer, partially or even completely. There are different ways of mastectomy that are in use. These includes simple mastectomy, which involves removal of the breast tissue only. The modified radical mastectomy is the removal of entire breast tissue alongside the fatty tissue and lymph nodes. The radical mastectomy on the other hand, includes removing the entire breast. The skin sparing mastectomy is done to remove the breast tissue through a cut made around the dark part of the nipple. The nipple sparing mastectomy, the breast tissue is removed but not through the nipple cut.

Breast surgery that is undertaken with a purpose to eliminate a tumor or breast cancer is known as lumpectomy. Under this, removal of the tissue is quite restricted and hence considered to be conservation unlike the mastectomy procedure. Just like lumpectomy, breast conserving surgery also aims at deletion of part of the breast tissue rather than the whole breast. Mastopexy breast surgery is similar to breast reduction, this precise technique is used to correct the size, shape and raise sagging boobs to give good and appealingly breast for women.

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