Important Qualities That Every TEFL Instructor Needs

By: john milton

Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) is a method of teaching people who live in a country where English is not the native language. Whether they need to learn English for work, leisure, or simply to better their lives, the students consist of adults and children alike. Many of these students are eager learners, as they may not have the chance to learn this universal language anywhere else. It takes a special certified foreign language instructor to help them along the journey of learning a new language.

As the global market for language instructors has become more highly developed, TEFL certification programs focus on bringing up-to-date training. Not only do these courses teach communication skills, but also a student-centered approach to teaching and learning. These factors differentiate the way English is taught in mainstream education courses from teaching English to those who do not know how to speak the language.

There are essential qualities found in quality TEFL instructors that help them to teach others who live in another culture and speak another language. Patience is a must, as you must take the time to teach every student at their individual learning pace. While some students will be quick to pick up the information rather well, others will need more attention. This will require flexibility in your teaching plans. Youíll also be teaching both children and adults which entails changing things up where needed.

Intelligence is a key factor in being a successful instructor. Although you donít need to know the foreign language that dominates the country in which you are teaching, you are likely to pick up some important phrases that will assist you in your teaching. Not knowing the language of the country may call for some resourcefulness in finding ways to get your lesson plans across. Enthusiasm is a great way to get others excited to learn the amazing language of English.
Most importantly, teachers of English as a foreign language must love helping people and enriching their lives through teaching another language. The best instructors will have a passion for teaching students, and be able to connect with them on many levels.

No matter which country a person originates from, there are certain universal characteristics that link everyone together. Sharing these qualities withothers will help them connect with you and help them to learn English.

If you are excited to teach others who have the desire to learn English, you may consider a profession in teaching English as a second language. Go online to discover the ways in which you can get your TEFL certificate and learn the qualifications of teaching English in a foreign country.

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