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In today's technological advanced world, computers play a dominant role. In every field and in every industry computer is a vital device to manage all the machinery of industry. No matter you are at work, in studies at college or school, or just enjoying a leisurely time in your home, it is certain that you may either switch on your computer or any other related state of the art devices. The importance of computer is further enhanced by increased usage of the internet.

However, it is important to ensure that while you use the internet you also maintain the good health of the device that has been used for connecting to the web. It is estimated that when you connect your computer network to the internet, you are physically linking your computer millions of unfamiliar network as well as their users.

Despite the fact that it can open avenues to a number of useful applications and provide options for information sharing, many of the private networks consist of certain information that should not be shared with outside users on the web, which may sometimes result in application layer attacks, IP spoofing, DNS cache poisoning, password attacks, and man in the middle attacks.

Even though the internet has made security system of computer networks a top priority in many of the mainstream technology periodicals, most of the people across the globe do not know the importance of network security system. Network security system is an essential component of the configuration as well as network management. Implementation of effective network security provides both physical and information security to paths, links, and databases.

Network security is simply a process or action adopted to detect as well as prevent unauthorized usage of your computer. In other words, network security is a technique in the form of some kind of software, which safeguards the primary networking infrastructure from illegal access, malfunction, misuse, destruction, alteration, or improper disclosure. This in turn provides a safe platform for computers, programs, and users to carry out their allowable significant functions within a protected environment.

In short, network security is a prominent feature of the network ensuring accountability, confidentiality, integrity, and above all protection against many external and internal threats such as email based network security problems, denial of service network security attacks, worms and Trojans, and wireless network security attacks.

Depending upon the usage of a network, different types of network security software are available. For examples, some of the most suitable options for home users would be security software systems such as firewalls and encryptions. Installing a firewall in your network system is a great way to prevent malicious things from getting into your computer.

Further, a firewall can detect and prevent almost all bad things that cannot be detected by antivirus software. Firewall is available in a variety of forms including personal firewall software, Windows Firewall, and separate firewall device which is installed in your network system. Cyberoam is a good example of firewall device.

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