Immediately stop four wrong way to lose weight in winter

By: Hayden

Many girls will ask what is the best way to lose weight in winter, accordingly it can immediately appear a variety of ways to lose weight in winter on Internet, and each thinks their way is the most effective way to lose weight in winter. The following four ways to lose weight will not make you lose weight, and some may be even harmful to the health of the body, so quickly take a look at it.
The first mistake: on diet in the winter, you also can lose weight even if do not exercise
There is a perception that people are in the process of keeping out the cold, need to break down fat to produce heat to keep warm. If reduce calorie intake, do not need to exercise to lose weight. But in fact, the premise of the body breaking down fat to produce heat is that food storage is consumed, but at that time the body will issue hunger information. This time, most of the girls generally tink that the human body has consumed fat against the cold, will immediately add food. And even if reduced intake, lack of exercise also makes the body not consume enough calories, simply cannot reach the purpose of weight loss. Although the weight may drop, this method is losing the sugar and water of body, not fat. If hungry it is not conducive to the body against the cold and may cause malnutrition, poor physical strength, and even metabolic disorders, and low basal metabolic. So, if you use this way to lose weight in winter, immediately stop it.
The second mistake: eat hot peppers help you lose weight
Some people think that spicy food is an effective way to lose weight in winter. In fact, the so-called "hot pepper to lose weight" has no scientific basis. The pepper will not only fail to achieve weight loss, but may have the opposite effect, because the chili can enhance the effectiveness of appetite. Unknowingly eat more, and what are the consequences, I believe we all know. And it is not everyone can tolerate spicy. Intake of too much pepper is in order to "lose weight", may cause gastrointestinal mucosal injury, causing chronic inflammation and even cause gastrointestinal bleeding or induced ulcers.
The third mistake: strenuous exercise, weight loss will be more effective
As we all know, exercise is the best way to lose weight. But doing exercise is not the more severe, the more effective, especially in the winter. We usually can't insist on a long time because of its high strength. And in winter, microcirculation of the body will be weakened, and the metabolism slows down, intense exercise can easily lead to respiratory diseases or other diseases caused the influence to the body.
The fourth mistake: You can select spot reduction
In winter, the day is cold, a plenty of people do not want to go for sports. "Spot reduction" is also a good way. If you want to thin waist, you need to do the waist movement, want to lose weight on the arm, do arm movement. In fact, the spot reduction is a wrong perception. Because fat energy is regulated and controlled by the nervous and endocrine systems, but this regulation is systemic, so local motion can reduce the fat of specific parts. The energy local motion consumes is not more, and exercise time is not generally persistence, so basically can't reach the goal of weight loss.

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