Illumination of Chinese Paper Lanterns

By: Cody Scholberg

Chinese paper lanterns have been in existence since 230 BC and are used to symbolize long life and good luck. Nowadays they are used to create a wonderful oriental ambience at your parties and in your home.
Chinese paper lanterns are hung out in China Town to give light and attract attention to the shops. Since the early stages of Chinese history there has been a wide variety of paper lanterns.
The two main types of paper lantern are ones which can be hung and ones which can be placed on the ground. Each can be used at entrances to your home or business and inside your living area giving each a soft illumination. There are 5 classifications of paper lanterns one of which is ?baby?s bottom?. It?s one of the decorations used in modern times and goes well with Christmas lights.
One of the most common of the 5 categories of Chinese lanterns are the ?baby?s bottom? lanterns. They fit perfectly with modern decor and can be used with Christmas lights.
Bamboo and metal are used to build frames for the larger and more complex designs and they take a long time to finish. The tough paper which is used to cover the lantern saves it from being torn by rain or wind.
The benefits of the Chinese paper lanterns are not only the dim illumination that sets the mood, but also what they symbolize ? long life and good luck. Words like peace, love and strength are written in Chinese lettering on the lanterns.
Chinese paper lanterns are a symbol of good luck and long life which softly illuminate your living area. Words such as peace, love and strength are commonly seen in Chinese lettering on these lanterns. Tan colours were most commonly used on lanterns in their early stages, but since they serve more as decoration nowadays they often sport very bold colours.

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Cody Scholberg, a lighting expert, writes about paper lanterns. Check out this post on using chinese paper lanterns to repel mosquitoes!

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