Ignite Scam Scam Threatens To Undermine Legitimate Business

By: Kim Tarr

It still surprises me the number of people believe there is an Ignite Scam. Well, in case you are asking that question too, it's not just you. I am not in any way affiliated with this business, I used to be, but I will get into that in a second. But, I can tell you this company isn't a scam. This company is nothing more than a medium for normal people like you and me to become financially free.

I just became a customer of Ignite myself, and so I know that it is a very simple to sign up. All I needed was my electricity statement in front of me while I was registering. I realized that they did charge a cheaper rate than what I was paying also it just made sense in my opinion to save on my electric bill. The entire process was transparent, meaning I did not notice any changes, except that on my electricity bill, it noted that Ignite was my electricity supplier.

Yes, I did! I cancelled with Ignite. I actually almost joined as a distributor, however i felt as though paying a cost to start an energy biz opp did not sound right to me. To get started in Ignite does require a $300 fee and also a monthly cost of $25 and that covers the expense of the site. So, your first year overhead will total over $600. I ran across a company that provides savings on energy did not require any fee to get involved and that just made more sense in my opinion and I knew I possibly could help more and more people earn more money from a possibility that didn't cost anything to get involved. Can you rather pay over $600 per year to earn an infinite income potential or nothing?

If you are likely to become involved in Ignite, instead of wasting your time wondering whether or not this biz opp model can be a scam, it will greatly help you to learn instead the critical talent you need to understand to take your business to the next level, and sponsor your first distributors, and lastly earn that check that you deserve. Should you be looking to utilize online marketing, you will want to be properly trained by folks that are already successful in mlm that will show you how to sponsor ten folks or even more every single month. Without this training, then you will have a hard time earning enough to purchase your monthly costs, which is not the intent of starting the business.

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