If Exercise Is Not Working For You It May Be Because You Aren't Working

By: Gen Wright

With two thirds of the world population being overweight or obese a lot of attention is being paid to encouraging people to become more active. With our modern day lives so devoid of anything even vaguely resembles 'work' we are seeing the consequences of life without enough vigorous activity to keep our body's strong, fit and healthy.

Although people are being told to get moving which is a good thing, they are being encouraged do things that are such low intensity (degree of difficulty) they are actually totally useless. This is misleading and confusing as when people invest the time, money and effort into getting active surely they would like to be sure it is effective.

It looks like exercise is failing as the obesity epidemic is continuing to explode and has become so serious that children being born today are predicted to have a 20-30 year shortened lifespan. But it is not the exercise itself that is failing it is the way it is being presented by people that have no right to do so.

Everywhere you look, on television, in the media and on the internet you see people are advised to find something they 'like to do' that they 'enjoy' that exercise should be 'fun' and 'enjoyable'. Any wonder it is not working.

A proper exercise program that contains strength building and maintaining exercise is sometimes not much 'fun' not very 'enjoyable' and you may not 'like to do it'. But that is what works, when our bodies are pushed out of their comfort zone and challenged to grow stronger. If an exercise program is too easy it simply will not work.

Yet millions of people are doing just that. They have been told to do things like walking, gardening, housework and other low intensity activities that do not even come close to fulfilling the requirements of a proper exercise program.

Walking is the worst, after all we all have legs and we all walk. Our legs are our mode of transport, not the type of activity you require to keep your muscles strong and toned. Walking is something we all do and yet it has done nothing to even cause a dent in the obesity epidemic.

This lie is a carryover from the 1980's when we believed that all we had to do was burn calories to get health benefits. Now we know that it is more important to focus on what happens after the exercise session is over rather than simply what happens during it. We must stimulate hormones that increase our metabolism (our body's engine) to get any health benefits at all.

Any wonder people find exercise boring. They apply the same mindless lack of enthusiasm you would give to cleaning the bathroom. People are just going through the motions in a dull, uninspired shuffle that they call exercise thinking it will help them stay healthy, lose weight or improve fitness.

This failure to put enough effort and intensity into a proper exercise program is the greatest obstacle to the results that people profess to be seeking and to obtain the health benefits that exercise can provide when done correctly.

When people are advised to just do something 'easy' on their own, just to wing it alone they are missing out on discovering the real benefits and pleasure exercise can provide. It is like trying to fix your car yourself when it breaks down. Often people try this approach and when it doesn't work they abandon exercise as something that 'Didn't work for me".

This is such a shame as you are then denied the health benefits, the longevity, the disease protection, and energy boost that proper exercise can give you to transform your life. This is what fitness professionals can do for you. You can share in their years of experience and knowledge and gain from them the tools you need to keep yourself healthy and strong right through your lifetime. Give one a call today and let them show you the way.

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