Identifying the Dangers of Colon Cleansers

By: Ellen Parry

You might not know that there are some dangers of colon cleansers. Who would have thought anyway? Colon cleansers are supposed to be top digestion aides made to promote better health. You could be in danger though if you choose the wrong product or use some products incorrectly. Here are some top risks:

1: Bowel Movement that Isn't Natural

The whole idea behind colon cleansers is that they should be able to help the colon remove waste from the body. In other words, they aren't intended to replace the colon or push it into an unnatural pace. Unfortunately, there are cleansers that only put up a front of being a safe and natural digestive aide. What they actually do is that they cause the colon to contract too fast. This results in the elimination of elements and substances such as digestive bacteria and nutrients that aren't really waste material. You could end up unhealthier than before you began using cleansers.

2: Product Side Effects

Nature's goodness is often misunderstood. We tend to think that anything natural is automatically safe and healthy. There are some cleanser ingredients however that could be harmful in large amounts. If you aren't careful with product use, you could end up with a damaged liver or colon. You could also experience bleeding and allergic reactions. You are in greater danger if you mix and take your own recipes for homemade colon cleansers. This is simply because you don't have reference safety standards for your mixture.

3: Ingredients Left Behind

Colon cleansers are supposed to sweep dirt out of your colon. Some however may get stuck in the colon. This may increase your risks of developing polyps.

4: Substandard Ingredients

You can't always be sure of the quality of ingredients in a natural cleanser. A product manufacturer can easily claim that its product has 100% natural content. You should want to know though where the ingredients are grown and what kinds of treatment are used on them. You may be ruining your health by regularly taking ingredients that have been regularly bathed in pesticides and herbicides. Pure organic ingredients may be safer options.

5: Incorrect Plant Parts Used

There are many different kinds of herbal plants. Some of them may be used as whole plants while others may only have some useful parts. Some manufacturers simply neglect this fact. They may include whole plants when only parts of these plants can be used safely for colon cleansing.

6: Dependence on Cleansers

Some people may take cleansers because they are constipated. The danger however of doing this is that your system could become dependent on the cleanser. You may not be able to expel waste on your own anymore.

There truly are some safe colon cleanser options. You should be aware though of the dangers of colon cleansers to find the best and safest options available.

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