I'd like More Cross Stitch Friends

By: Geordie Johnny

Looking for a hobby that can help you make more friends? You may be surprised that you can make many friends through cross stitch. Most people don't realize they can make new cross stitch friends quite easily, but they can if they'll just make the effort. What's also nice about meeting friends who enjoy cross stitch is that you'll not only have a great time, you'll also get to stitch some great patterns as well.

When you first start your quest, stop by your local craft store. They may have a cross stitch club that meets there or know of one in the area. If they currently don't have a club that meets at the store, ask about starting one. Even if the store isn't interested, don't get discouraged. You can still form your own cross stitch club.

If you decide to start a cross stitch club, take some time to work up a plan before you jump in. Some things you'll want to consider will be where will the club meet, will you have enough chairs and proper lighting, and will the members be able to park nearby? In addition, you may want to consider if you'll serve refreshments and, if so, who will supply them. Oh, and don't forget to pick a meeting time that will work for most of the members. You want to make it possible for everyone to come to the meetings.

Of course, the list of things you need to think about doesn't stop there. You'll want to decide if the members will pay a fee, what kind of policies and rules you'll have, and what your goal for the club will be. If this seems a little overwhelming, wait until you have a couple of members and then talk about it as a group. Together, you can decide the goal of the cross stitch club. But as you decide your goal, keep in mind that friendship is the main attraction of belonging to the club. As you're stitching, you'll be able to chat. Having a great time and making friends is what the club is all about.

If the thought of organizing a club seems a bit ambitious, then why not ask some friends and acquaintances round for an evening and suggest some stitching together. You can even show a newbie how it's done. Before long, you may end up with a regular club -- so much more sociable than just meeting up to drink and eat.

In addition to finding cross stitch friends locally, you can find fellow stitchers in the unlikeliest of places.

Have you ever considered finding cross stitch friends through a penpal site? It's fun to keep in touch with other enthusiasts. If you explore the cross stitch sites on the internet, you'll find that several have a place for penpals. Cross stitch magazines also often include penpal information. What's fun about a penpal is that you can trade ideas and hints, plus offer encouragement to a fellow stitcher across the globe. Not only will you get to discuss your favorite hobby, but you'll also meet people from far away countries.

Apart from cross stitch websites, you also can find sites that are strictly for finding penpals. You'll want to do some upfront research to make certain these sites are legitimate. Don't give the sites or potential penpals your phone number or your mailing address. This information isn't needed. All that is necessary to get started is your email address.

Communicating by email is useful where you want to have spontaneous, informal exchanges. Letter-writing can be more formal, and the friendship travels more slowly, but you also have the opportunity to send the occasional gift, and receiving a letter has that special magic that an email can never replace.

As you explore the internet for other cross stitch enthusiasts, consider looking at e-groups that use both email conversations and traditional mail. Yahoo has a cross stitch group that calls itself XStitchpals. In this group, everyone really gets into the fun. They send each other cards that they've cross stitched each month. The cards have a theme. Also, with this group, you can visit the forum and talk about what's on your mind, both regarding stitching and also other events in your life. Many people have found real friends in this group.

Lots of options are available when it comes to finding cross stitch friends. You can meet people at a local cross stitch club, enjoy chatting with a penpal, or form a friendship with someone on an e-group. The first step is up to you. Why not start looking for fellow stitchers by joining the forums at Patterns Patch cross stitch private club?

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