Hypnotherapy works for Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

By: Dr. Phil Hariram

Even though there is no abnormality of the gut in Irritable Bowel Syndrome, it is very distressing to the individual who has it. This syndrome is very common and it is estimated that as much as 20% of the global population has or had IBS. It is not just a heavy burden on the sufferer but to Health Professionals, the Health Providers and Industry. It is the most common condition seen by Gastroentologist.
There are numerous treatments available for Irritable Bowel Syndrome but the treatment that produces the best long term benefits is hypnotherapy. Most experts think this type of treatment should be reserved for severe or refractory IBS. I believe this is wrong.
It may seem odd that hypnotherapy is so effective. To understand why this treatment works in Irritable Bowel Syndrome, you must understand how hypnotherapy works. Improvement results from powerful post hypnotic suggestions and visualisation. The hypnotherapist aims to get the subject into a deep trance. In this trance state, the brain is at Theta brainwave. Fully awake, you are at Beta brainwave state.
When you are at Theta brainwave state, you are hyper-suggestible. In other words what ever the hypnotist says is likely to reach the Subconscious Mind because the filters that are likely to reject this information are relaxed.
In Theta state, the reality generator in REM sleep is activated. In REM sleep, dreams occur. So in Theta state, visualisation created by the hypnotherapist becomes very powerful and effective. In this state the brain cannot differentiate real from unreal and visualisation is as real as if you are actually living it.
Visualisation and post hypnotic suggestions in Theta State in very effective. In Theta state, the hypnotherapist can gradually replace all the layers of negative information and replace them with positive ones. The benefits only result after there is change in belief, perception and expectation of your IBS.
Although there is likely to be excellent results following hypnotherapy, in IBS patients relapse can happen if doubts creep in that symptoms are going to return. Once thoughts are channelled in this direction, it is like giving the go ahead for symptoms to return. When symptoms return, more and more negative thoughts take residence in the Subconscious Mind and you are back to the same old familiar IBS.
It is my belief that hypnotherapy should not only be offered to difficult to treat or severe IBS patients but to everyone with IBS. Severe or refractory IBS usually develop after some time. Most refractory IBS sufferers have IBS for as long as twenty years and when whatever they tried failed, it anchors another negative thought until nothing works any more. Such patients have layers upon layers of negative information and become more difficult to remove by the hypnotherapist.
In refractory or severe IBS patients it could take more than 12 session of hypnotherapy and home self hypnosis to produce satisfactory results. In numerous cases, however, the results are outstanding. It is clear that whatever explanation exrerts can offer, the simplest one is that the hypnotherapist is replacing negative with positive in the Subconscious Mind. So does it not makes sense to have hypnotherapy at the earliest opportunity and save yourself years of distress from a condition where the large gut is normal.

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