Hypnosis: What Exactly Is Hypnosis? A Definition of Hypnotism

By: Mark Allen..

Hypnosis and hypnotism: what exactly is it? The word itself is derived from "hypnos", a Greek word meaning sleep. The most commonly used definition is "a trance-like state of heightened suggestibility".
The concepts and ideas behind it have been around for centuries, medical science has now come to recognize and accept it only in the last 50 years or so.
Scientists and researchers in this field have come to recognize that this trance-like state has very special qualities. Within this state, areas of your brain that are normally unreachable become accessible. More specifically, hypnosis can provide direct access into the subconscious mind.
Hypnosis today is being used to treat psychological disorders and problems, as an alternative and safe way of controlling habits, and to improve one's mental health and attitude. Hypnosis therapy, or hypno therapy, can be extremely effective.
Anger management, over-eating and weight loss, sexual dysfunction, chronic pain and recovery from surgery, even problems of drug and alcohol abuse are all being treated effectively through these methods.
Self-hypnosis is one area that has been growing rapidly in recent years, due in large part to the Internet. There are thousands of resources available online, including guides, exercises, and audio recordings. Some websites offering specific self hypnosis audio recordings serve up thousands of downloads every day.
Hypnotherapy home study course is a rapidly growing area. Many people are not comfortable going to a hypnotist in person because of distrust or stigma. For them, this type of self-help is considerably more acceptable and accessible.
Hypnosis today has become a vibrant and growing field. Whether you are looking to increase your understanding in these areas, or have just begun exploring, websites like Hypnosis-X.info offer up a wealth of information.

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