Humor and YouTube

By: Catherine Matthew

In the days of old, men, women and children sat around a fire or under a tree listening to an elder of the village tell them stories. Fast track to the couple of centuries later, the women and children are still getting entertained but the medium is no longer human. Its this black box or if you are at the higher end of the food chain, a flat screen which keeps children quiet and gives parents the breathing space they need.

Story telling has always been a means to engage people and though the times have changed and the medium has changed from human to machine, the means is still the same. Tell an interesting story anytime and you will have listeners. Be it a business presentation, a marketing pitch or a television show. A personal story is on top of the favourites list, everyone loves to hear somebody else's personal story. Telling a story and telling it well, add a dash of humor and you have a winner.

So why am I writing an article about this black box which is also popularly known as the "idiot box"? The truth of the matter is, the idiot box has some competition. Its called the YouTube.

YouTube has revolutionized the internet in many ways. Anything from having a sneak peak of a movie or some parts of a favorite soap opera or even better, make fun of a colleague.

YouTube has been recognized as one of the high visibility places which people frequent often. So here are some tips on ways to put humor in your video:

1. Have some fun music which lightens up the mood

2. Visualize a funny moment in your life at the time of creating the video

3. Have a joke or an amusing anecdote ready

4. Do you have any funny props?

5. Draw eyes on your chin and talk into the camera upside down

6. Just laugh, spread the happiness

7. Do some juggling

8. Do you have a funny ad you like? Try to take out what got you to laugh in the first place

9. End the video with a punch line (music or words)

10. Try out 2 microphones, so viewers can experience it when you talk in the right side and the left one

There is a video of a going away party of a colleague where they collected photos of the poor guy from the time he joined the company, party photographs, golfing with his belly popping out and several others which at best can be described as embarrassing. With a toe tapping sound track, this was converted into a hilarious invitation that provided the whole company something to laugh and talk about in the coming weeks preceding the lunch invitation.

Another funny video or I must say creepy video is that of a virtual barber shop where they used sound effects using a right microphone and a left microphone. So when you have your headphones on and listen to it, you feel like the clippers are close to your ears and the sound of the scissors go clippity clip. The barber also talks to you and the sound of water when he is washing his hands are eerily real.

So with some creativity and dollops of humor, you can get potential customers through laughter. It gives them a good feeling and helps you bond and establish a feeling of trust.

If you want to build a good client base and generate more sales, humor helps you connect with people. Of the numerous videos that I have seen, only a few remain with me. And I have realized that those were the ones that made me laugh.

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Kathy Austin specializes in SEO for ecommerce web sites. Watch a hilarious Youtube video clip by Andrew Kontrahere and laugh out loud.

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