How to write an emo poem?

By: Robert Thomson

Not all scars show, not all wounds heal. Sometimes you can’t always see, the pain someone feels. Ah, you're working on some poetry and want to write your own emo poem? Well, you certainly can. Now you might be thinking that you are not sure if you are really God-gifted and talented that you can create your own poems and come out with something so philosophical and so deep that it would really make an impact on the mind of other emo people.
Everyone has the potential to write poems, but we never tried it so we are not aware of our skills. Poems are nothing but a language of your heart woven nicely into a philosophical verse. If you are thinking to write an emo poem you need to know more about the emo culture and the feelings that revolve and play an important role in the life of emos. Emo poetries are emotionally very provocative because the life of emos revolves around the emotions of heart and other emotions like rejection, social alienation, and personal problems and so on.
Emo poems often talk about the common feelings which are very difficult to talk or discuss openly. And many a times you might see that negative feelings like suicidal thoughts, anger, depression and painful experiences are the main themes of emo poems, but that does not mean that emo poems are a kind of suicide notes. Many emo poems are really good and have other feelings in them which can help emos think differently.
If you are planning to write an emo poem, you will need to think hard and vent out all your inside feelings and blurt it out on the paper. As emo poems also give the writer an area to spill out their inside feelings and problems, at the same time readers who read such poems feel that the poems suits their personality and their current circumstances and hence they feel closer to that poem and identify themselves with it.
Emo poems are not much different than emo songs, they got sad and dark lyrics. Hence, you will need to focus on the darker side of life and emphasize on themes like sadness, death, loneliness and rejection to come out with a good emo poem.

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