How to write a great online dating profile for men.

By: lyndon ogden

How to write a great online dating profile for men.

To write a great online dating profile then consider this chaps-

* Who you are?

Self-awareness is a very valuable tool, if you don’t know who you are, then how can your potential dates be expected to? They could always guess! I guess, So figure it out, your likes and dislikes, strengths and weakness’s, tastes in music, food, travel etc.... Do an inventory, if you’re a sensitive soul, say so... The truth is self awareness brings action and power to the dating game, without it the potential for fun can be missed.

* Where are you psychologically?

Are you in a good place emotionally? Or are you feeling sad, lonely and blue, because, Gill suddenly decides she just wants to be just good friends? Giving yourself time out can be rewarding. Learning to enjoy your own company and rediscovering the old you, without interruption, can be a positive experience. When not to begin dating will be personal to you, several pitfalls to avoid would be:

* Your Married
* You’ve lost your job
* You’ve lost a parent, good friend, dog
* You’re lost
* You’re still involved ( or not moved on)
* You’ve been divorced for less than a year (give yourself that space)
* You’ve lost your house

* Be honest.

Be honest, be precise, and be specific. If you only have one chance to write on line, write it on paper first. Take the above into account and use it. Don’t allow yourself to trot out the usual trite phrases, “enjoy nights in” of course you do, most of us do in the UK especially in winter! Rather use the space to be slightly more inventive, eye catching without being dishonest. If your 5ft 8” and enjoy train spotting, don’t pretend to be 6ft 1” and an aerodynamic engineer, you will be found out. It also won’t help you to find the person who will accept you for who you are.

* Have a recent easily identifiable photo

The number of responses, increase dramatically with a good photograph. Use a fairly recent photo. Avoid old photo’s that no longer represent the person you are now, it doesn’t pay to have a discrepancy between the picture and what you really look like. Don’t have your “significant x” on it! It is really off putting to a potential date, also props like big cars, motorbikes, it is much nicer if you are just you.

* Check Spelling and Punctuation

Spell-check your ad. Correct grammar and punctuation. It’s easier than you think, Word will auto correct your spellings, if you can, get a friend to proofread. Even if this is all on the QT it pays to get it looking right.

* Avoid misunderstandings when describing yourself.

Unless you can make eye contact with your potential date, the idea of describing yourself as hunky, with a good sense of humour, is fraught with difficulties; nobody knows how somebody else will interpret something as personal, as looks or humour! For example some of my friends think I’m witty... my children and partner think I’m too caustic! Big difference. Somebody somewhere must find Mr Bean funny, I for one find him embarrassing Make sure what you’re saying is what your described and representative of you.

* Don’t make a dating profile toooo long.

We all know women get easily get bored especially when something boring like the world cup final is on! So keep it short, to the point, and above all keep them wanting more

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