How to teach granny to use computer?

By: johnny001

We are in the mobile modern era, we move around here and there very recently and left behind our old parents, granny, and grandpa at home. We know, we miss each other but how can it be possible we can see them, play with them or can listen their stories. I have a very bad habit to sleep after listening stories of my grandma, but I am helpless as I got a job in New York and my family lives in San Francisco. Guys, no need to worry about, you can still watch them, play with them or can listen stories by using computer and internet. I have listed few steps which will guide you to teach your granny or old parents, the very basic of computer and internet. The steps are as follows,
• Basic operations: Teach them basic operations such as how to start and shutdown a computer, how to use mouse, close and open applications and so on.
• Typing: Teach them to type by using keyboard having large fonts on the screen, so that they are easily visible to them.
• Internet: Teach them how internet works, how to use Google, Skype and team viewer on the computer.
• Games: Teach them to play games, so that he/she takes interest in using computer.
• Entertainment: Teach them how they can entertain themselves by using computer while playing videos, music and movies.
• Getting help: Teach them into the habit of trying various options in the Help menu, trying F1, browsing through the contents, index and searching for a string. That will help them in solving out their computer issues.
• Create account: Create any account for them that they might need for the time being and teach them how to use them, how to sign in, check mail, compose, send mail and sign out. They might find it easier to sign into a chat client and open mail through the notifications. Teach them to use Google and habit of browsing on it.
• Comfort: Try to put the computer set up at a comfortable place so that they can easily reach to it.
• Webcam: Teach them to use webcam, how to open and close it, how to adjust yourself according to it and so on.
• Headphone: Teach them how to use headphone and mike attached to it.
Friends, while teaching them have lots of patience because they are just like small kids to whom you have to teach again and again. They might do several mistakes while operating it, appreciate and hug them so that they feel happy in learning.
Friends you can also provide them a helpline number, so that whenever they need any sort of technical support they can easily get it. You can even give my toll free number 1-855-352-1816, for technical support. You can even teach them to visit our website, it provides online technical support, windows maintenance tools, software’s, protection tools and so on. We have well trained technical experts who gives technical support in a very easy and friendly manner.

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