How to survive in desperate situation in the games

By: Hayden

We are obsessed with the end of the world. We all know that the world will be destroyed. We will have to re-start civilization. The game has a unique charm, let us be able to experience this feeling at home: Walking in the barren future, to see our virtual world is destroyed by the virtue "If' one by one, to explore their own reactions. Games make us into trouble, the world is over, what will happen we have to go through after the disaster. Unlike the movies and books, we can experience the "Apocalypse Now", through the game learns to how to deal with hunger, radiation poisoning and other difficulties, as well as other world after the doomsday scenarios that might occur.
10 The Walking Dead
Thank you very much Telltale Studios brings us "zombie" game. The studio is known for making adventure games. The first two quarters of "The Walking Dead" also did not let us down. I had worried that video games cannot interpret the essence of drama, but please do not worry, the game with a sense of rhythm, narrative clarity, is an excellent modern adventure game.
If you like zombie theme or adventure type of game, it is strongly recommended that you try this game. "The Walking Dead" is one of the best games in 2012. Give it a chance, you will be surprised.
9 Feral fuel
"Fuel" is set in the context of the modern imaginary. The entire planet is revenged by the effects of climate change due to human destruction environment for decades. In this era of soaring oil prices, a new car model is launched in the wasteland, these racers with their shitty tuned racing cars competed with each other, in this new extreme sports to win the fuel goals competition. Fastest time in the wilderness challenge means victory; players cross the Nevada wastelands from the Pacific coast of the tsunami destruction, along the way, have to go through the Grand Canyon, Mount steep mountains, through the jungle, crossed the abandoned lakeside resorts and so on.
A dynamic weather system adds this huge open landscapes come alive, it is able to complete the conversion of the day and night, but also can switch the brilliant sunshine, torrential rainstorms and all natural phenomena, coupled with the devastating tornadoes, dust storms, thunderstorms, lightning, storm, which requires riders to make the appropriate policy response to these changes.
8 Borderlands 2
"Borderlands" is a RPG style cooperation FPS games, the "Borderlands 2". AI will be more significant progress than the first generation. The enemy is no longer a mess. For example the robot will take care of each other, thieves will occur fighting; the living beings with certain element properties (eg Fire Skag) will be immune to the elements, and a group of Skag no element attributes will deform the Fire Skag pups under the incentive of a Fire Skag, they will be fully inherited from the Fire Skag element attributes. Second-generation game still plays the custom hero from the original game. At the same time introduces in the name "San Andreas style" to upgrade the system. And cancel the online multiplayer mode, support for cooperation.
7 Gears of War Series
"Gears of War" is a Xbox360 game developed by the Epic Games that created 3D game engine Unreal Engine 3, in E3 had been ending, with its amazing screen effect, it has been affirmed by most players and a number of producers. Game story narrates the survival war between the future world human and RoCoS underground races. The type of game is not a common first-person shooter game, but take the third-person perspective action game strategy can be more clearly shown the operational role player's every move, interact with the environment more vivid and rich.
6 Wasteland
"Wasteland" was originally in the summer of 1988 issued by the EA, tells a nuclear occured war the United States and Russia in 1998, half of the Earth's land has become the wasteland, then the player controls a team belonging to the U.S. military "Desert Ranger" team came across the terror of nuclear radiation and waste soil variability over monster perform a series of tasks.
Relying on a few pistols and knives, you control that several of his teammates wore leather bravely exploring uncharted territory, always experiencing the risk of death, but also to pray to God they are not in combat pistol stuck. They are action in this world although know little about it, will randomly encounter some inanimate enemy. Like many games of that era, the game itself only mentioned a story outline structure, and specific details need our own imagination.

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