How to pass Basic English test on E-lance website?

By: william benn

Today, when I entered ion office, a friend of mine told that we are having tests for our E-lance account today. That abrupt statement of my friend puzzled me. Then I opened my Elance account and started searching for the tests.
Basic English tests emerge up. So, I will just be highlighting what it is like to give a test on Elance.
40 Minutes:
You are allowed 40 minutes and you have 40 questions to answer. The test is easy (if you know the Basic English language) and it does not matter how you have studied what was your previous score or what your buyers are saying about you. You need to be good in English to give Basic English course.
40 Questions:
Therefore, you have decided to take the test. All right, the test is about 40 questions. All the questions should be answered in one minute each that is dedicated to each question, or you will get yourself –short of time- scenario.
Basic English Qualities:
The basic English qualities include the eight parts of speech. These include the noun, pronoun, verb, adverb, adjective, preposition, articles and etc. If you feel you are not that advanced to give the test, then do not give it. And try to go to ego4u website and study for these basic qualities after some time you will find that you are getting better. When you think like that, then you can try to take the test.
Practice & Read:
English comes with practicing reading and writing. Make it a habit to read every day for at least one hour. In addition, write whatever you read.
A good example is to, make it a hobby to write whatever you do whole day. That is, make a daily diary. This will not only help you know yourself in a better way. Also, help you express yourself in a more precise way to the public.
Relax; you can apply again after 14 days:
One of the core matters of Elance testing is to judge you. Therefore, it’s important to know that there is nothing to lose when you apply for the test (except the money). So, just give it your best shot. In addition, if you fail or score just average… you can try again after two weeks.
These are some of the points to know, before you start preparation for your next elance test. I hope I have explained to you in a proper manner and that you will succeed in your next try.

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