How to optimize live chat sales?

By: Larry Taggart

Live chat sales figures are steadily going up because of its few inherent advantages. First, it is convenient for the customers. Instead of physically visiting a store for a product or calling up a company to resolve some issues are simply not an option for todayís time starved generation. You can optimize live chat sales only when you are supported with a platform developed heavily based on machine learning and AI.

When it comes to live chat businesses are now opting for human agents instead of chatbots. In a survey, nearly 44 per cent of online customers have said that they prefer to interact with a human being for their queries instead of automated answers which are, in most of the cases, irrelevant. Your customers feel valued and naturally prefer using your services over your competitors. Live chats are perfect example of a win-win situation for you and your customer. They feel well attended and you save cost on both employee training time and expenses. Average interaction time also comes down when you have an efficient AI-powered chat software with you. Your agents can now successfully handle more than one chat simultaneously.

You can optimize live chat sales by providing raw data in the system. These data are analyzed by an algorithm-based software and helps your agents to choose the most appropriate and engaging reply for your customers. The agent can easily walk them through a sale and guide them properly so that a successful sale takes place. It reduces bounce rate and opportunities for sales increase considerably. Your agents are helped by the software to understand the customerís requirement completely and recommend an appropriate products and related accessories that may lead them to additional sales. The software also takes input from the human entries to modify its algorithm so that future interactions become even more meaningful and engaging.

Your support staffs will be able to provide personalized solutions to your customers with the help of the software that gets relevant date with its machine learning engine. The employees can have the right insights for optimizing the sale. The software will prompt them with the keywords, the ideal length of their reply, punctuation to be used etc. to make the chat fully engaging and therefore successful. The software tells you the most busy and profitable hours and also trains your agents on how to handle a surge in chat volume during specific time of the year. It has been observed that nearly two out of ten live chat sessions have resulted in more than 75% of sales during holiday shopping.

Live chat is quite different from phone conversation. Here, your replies should be short yet helpful for the customers to understand the point. If your agents have sales background they will be even more effective to optimize live chat sales. The software manufacturers will teach them how to be more engaging and not too robot-like to offend the customers. All the helpful features of the software will be explained and demonstrated so that by using those they can increase live chat sales.

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Optimize live chat sales can only be done when you have a powerful system in place. See your live chat sales go up when it is backed by AI and machine learning.

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