How to match the elderly diet is the most health diet

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As the age increased, many of the elderly constitution also gradually decline, therefore, this period many of the elderly are more interested in health. Health of the elderly, children are worried. However, the nutritional needs of the elderly are different from young people, pay attention to the amount and time to eat, how to match. Today, we will share how the elderly daily diet with a reasonable diet is most conducive to health.
How to match the elderly daily diet?
Daily intake of five kinds of fruits and vegetable, in addition to fresh fruits and vegetables, vegetables, salad, fruit juice, etc. is bought in the supermarket, can be included in this category.
For the elderly, the total daily food intake should be 1/3 fruits and vegetables. A day should eat five different fruits and vegetables, each of which fruits and vegetables should be consumed 80grams. Ensure that every meal should have one to two kinds of vegetables and fruits should be eaten between meals rather than after a meal, which helps keep blood sugar stable.
Eat 400grams of fruits and vegetables can reduce coronary heart disease and the incidence of some cancers. Fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamins, minerals and fiber. In addition, fruits and vegetables are very low in fat content. From the standpoint of nutrients, bananas are rich in potassium, raisins, broccoli and other iron-rich, green leafy vegetables, bamboo shoots, oranges are rich in folic acid, spinach and other foods rich in magnesium. In the choice of fruit varieties, it is best to choose fruits rich in vitamin C, such as oranges, papaya, etc., because vitamin C can help the elderly to better absorb iron to avoid anemia.
Drink yogurt if poor appetite
For the elderly, should drink milk every day. Many elderly people have such an idea, that is to give children to drink milk, which makes the home only child drink milk, in fact, older people should drink milk. Elderly prone to calcium deficiency, while calcium in milk is the most easily absorbed, also can delay the bones aging in addition, milk contains protein, vitamin A and riboflavin, in fortified milk, it also contains vitamin D promoting the absorption of calcium.
In elderly daily diet, 1/8 should be milk and dairy products. It is best to ensure that 400ml of milk, yogurt intake, the bottom line is the 250ml. Cheese is a concentrated milk cream, in general, 10g cheese can be converted into 35ml of milk.
Eat bean products should eat less meat, pink food includes meat, fish, eggs, beans, if you eat soy products, meat intake should be reduced accordingly.
Meat and fish are rich in protein, iron, zinc, B vitamins, meat is also the main source of riboflavin; fish has a significant effect on the prevention and treatment of heart disease, but also rich in vitamins A, D and iron; beans can provide protein, fiber, iron and zinc; eggs can provide protein, vitamins A and D, and riboflavin.
It should ensure that every meal has some meat or substitutes in each dinner of elderly, even breakfast, should be a ham or minced meat noodles. Maybe some elderly people ask that, his cholesterol is a little high, but can also ensure three meals a day to eat meat or substitutes? Yes, people with high cholesterol really need to limit fat intake, but if a little "oil" is not, will lead to the disease worse - the body will instinctively "grab" every bit of fat in food - a lot of vegetarians may have fatty liver is the truth.
Don't eat snack and dessert at the same time
Snack provides energy to the body in the form of sugar and fat, and some also contain a lot of salt. The other nutrients are low.
Body demands for them not so high, so they are likely to cause a number of diseases but also easy to damage teeth. The elderly taste is often not as good as young people. So only these tasty "strong" snacks make them tasted the sweetness, and will unknowingly eat much. Even for young people, excessive intake of such foods can also cause excess nutrients.
Elderly demand for sweets very small, accounting for about one day diet for 1/15. If you eat 2 or 3 kinds of snacks, each one can only be eaten little.

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