How to make natural shampoo at home

By: Ashley Demers

If you are looking forward to make a natural shampoo, you will needs some ingredients. For making natural shampoo for one person, you need a cup of distilled water, two table spoons of dried herbs or quarter a cup of freshly harvested herbs, a piece of castile soap, quarter a tablespoon of vegetable oils, about 25 drops of essential oils and a spoonful of additive of choice. However, it is not a must you add the additives to the natural shampoo.

When preparing the natural shampoo at home, there are few considerations you need to make. One, you need to consider your type of hair. Different types of hair require different types of shampoo. Therefore, the procedure for making the natural shampoo will have to be different depending on the type of hair you have. The determining factor for the shampoo you need to make is the herbs. Chamomile, lavender, horsetail, sage and rosemary herbs are good for people with normal hair conditions, parsley, myrrh, comfrey, burdock and calendula herbs are good for people with dry hair while basil, lemon balm, yarrow, peppermint and raspberry leaves herbs are good for oily hair.

You can also make natural shampoo for other types of hair for instance blonde hair, red hair, dark hair and gray hair. The only thing that changes is the herb you are using. It is important to look for the natural shampoo making guidelines to make the best shampoo for your hair. Essential oils and vegetable oils may also influence the properties of natural shampoo. In this case, different oils are good for certain types of hair. You should also look for the guidelines to follow to make the best natural shampoo for the type of hair you have.

Directions for making natural shampoo
The first step for making the natural shampoo is boiling the water preferably in a glass sauce pan. Once the water is boiled, remove the pan from the heat followed by adding the herbs and cover the mixture for 15-20 minutes.

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After that, you should remove the herbs from the coloured liquid and allow the liquid to cool completely."> Deep Cleansing shampooAdd the castile soap into the liquid followed by adding the vegetable oil, essential oils and any additives of choice and stir for a while. When you are done doing that, you have just made a homemade"> Natural Shampoo. If you were making in the glass saucepan, you will need to transfer it into a

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