How to make most out of your tyres

By: denzelwilson

The title makes you think about the laws of nature. How to make most out of anything you own? How to make the computer you are watching this on last long enough, how to make your car last a bit longer and most of all how to make most out of your self.

With tyres it is quite simple. Many people donít take these things into account which is weird because with small things you can make your tyres last longer than they usually do. This saves money and the money you save you can use to make you happy and last longer.

Key things about tyres are that if you have new tyres you should always drive carefully for the first 500km or so. It is the same with new engines, you have to Ďdrive them iní first and then you get the full potential.

Sudden breaks and slides are another big thing that consumes tyres (In Finnish: renkaita) like nothing else. When you drive, you should always be able to see the situations before they hit you. You should start breaking early when you see an intersection, you should drive slow enough not to get into a slide and most of all you should not go pedal to the metal every time you accelerate. When you keep these things in mind you will already achieve much more with your tyres than average people.

You should also switch places of the tyres every 5000 to 10000 kilometers. This prevents the unstable wearing of the tyres.

When you have differences in the wearing of the tyres, you should always put the ones that have worn out more to the rear. This prevents the car to go on uncontrolled slide because when you loose the control of the rear end of the car you usually loose the whole control of the car.

It also helps if you go for example to your local Vianor to check up on your tyres. They can do small repairs and keep your tyres balanced. When you have correct pressures and balanced tyres that have worn out equally you still have many miles ahead.

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