How to make a good sea view

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An oasis in a blue sky, magnificent, why take a photo but nothing exciting - there is no point imposing and beautiful performance of the sea? This is what people see with your eyes and use the difference between pictures of the camera lens. Eyes when viewing three-dimensional, hence the sense of space, you will find an infinite sky, deep sea, while the picture is flat. Look at the picture more difficult to feel your body near the beach that felt by the vast, ambitious.

Learn to use the camera to see. I suggest you do not easily give up and things are not pleasant to the eye of the King, but to try to use different focal length lens, watch the same scene repeated transformation, telephoto lenses compress perspective, composition and wide-angle lens compact exaggerated prospects, increase the spatial sense of perspective may be failing to appreciate the scenery of your eyes, get that you like or even surprise.

Remember that light is a magician, but also to remember the direction of change observed is watching the magic light magic points. In the case of a direct light, the same features as observed in a different direction will be showing a different aspect.

Use contrast. Viewfinder when shooting, you should be looking for some well-known visual elements: the ship ah, seabirds, ah, ah so visitors. Take them into the screen, try to make these elements on the screen in a clear position, but added little to the right. In this way, because of the daily visual habits, by contrast, we can sense the magnificence of the sea.

Found in contrast. Careful observation, the sea coast there are many factors that can make use of contrast in the form, for example, rocks and sea water compared to a variety of forms, including: hard and soft, dark on light, heavy and light, static and dynamic and so on. If you can extract out of these comparisons in the form, and further strengthen them, you can bring readers a new visual experience.

Search pattern. Forever rock by the sea waves to scour the beach at low tide high tide will flow under repeated leaving traces, and from these traces you can find a lot of beautiful exotic patterns. Also at the beach, the water pebbles, shells and other items, you can also find many beautiful patterns.

Gather locally. The sea can take part, to see. Such as using a telephoto lens is far from aligned layers of waves, the waves will appear in a compact composition of layers. At this point the inherent visual psychology will play a role, so that the viewer's vision stretched from the screen, as if feeling wave rolling, vast sea and sky.

Use shutter. We can use very short shutter time (less than 1 / 200 seconds), Hold fast the waves splash up when the waves lapping the shore, forming a very visual impact of the landscape; also use a very short shutter time (a few seconds, even at night can be a few minutes or several hours) to the rolling waves repeated exposure, the final veil in the photo on the formation of fog around the departments and regions diffuse rocks, such as the charming fairy-like scenery.

Highlight color. Can in good weather, the performance of blue sky, blue sea, Sands, white clouds, red color contrast between Japan and other, complementary, harmonious beauty of form, you can also sunrise, sunset, warm tone of light rendering the sea, fishing boats , the clouds are shown by the rich colors, you can also pay attention to the sea formed by cultural landscape and the nature of color relationships. Such as the shore of the villa, beach umbrella body swimsuit girls, children in the hands of balloons, kites, etc., can be selected and the lens you use. In addition to the observation cited above methods and operational thinking, of course, you can try their path and way. I think if you thought the right track, with you saying the knowledge and skills to master the photographic shoot masterpiece should be sooner or later.

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