How to improve your speed reading by improving your vocabulary

By: dan123

When speed reading it can be difficult to carry on at speed if you keep on coming across words that you do not understand or know what they mean. This is why it is so important for anyone who wants to improve there speed reading skills to improve there vocabulary.

Improving your vocabulary is one of those things that you need to make a continual effort on improving instead of just doing it one time and getting over with, because I mean for example you would not get very much value out of sitting down and reading all of the dictionary before you begin to learn to speed read.

Instead of doing it all in one big chunk of work it is better to do it daily, learning only a few words a day and over time this will add up And gradually increase your vocabulary and as a result your reading speed.

What I like to do is keep my eyes out and ears out when in conversation with people for new words I donít know, and then when I read or hear new words I will ask the person using that word what they mean by it, and also go and look in the dictionary.

It can be useful to do both, asking the person and looking it up in the dictionary, because many words can actually have multiple meanings depending in which context they are being used.

Developing vocabulary for speed reading

The best benefit you will get from increasing your vocabulary is that you will be also increasing your reading speed at the same time. The bigger your vocabulary is the faster you will be able to read.

Ways you can increase your vocabulary

1) Pay attention to new words you come across and learn there meaning

2) Use you new vocabulary

3) Familiarize yourself with the roots of words.

Another big piece that is important to work on in order to become a fast speed reader, is to boost your speed reading stamina, your speed reading stamina is the amount of time you are able to read at speed for with good comprehension and recall. Boosting your speed reading stamina will help you to train and recondition your brain to reading at faster speeds and so will allow you to get all of the benefits of speed reading faster.

I have collected together all of the important things that you will have to do in order to boost your speed reading stamina, all of this information has been arranged into a 7 part e-course that you can take.

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