How to get an Online CPR Certification

By: Samantha H. Kiva

In my senior year in high school I learned CPR. I did not do it because I wanted to learn a life saving skill or because I thought that it would be a useful tool. I needed the extra credit to get a passing grade in P.E.
I figured it would be easy to take an online CPR class for an hour and get the credit. After getting CPR certified online I began to realize how this course could really help in an emergency.
I can understand if schools made this a standard course. All people can benefit from this training. Teachers, coaches, students and even bus drivers could all benefit from learning, adult, child and infant CPR.
Years before this class I was watching my 24 month old niece. While having a treat, she started to have trouble breathing. I had no CPR or First Aid skills. I just sat there in dread! I was fortunate and she passed the candy and was ok.
I hope no one will have to feel that helplessness. What if something were to happen? Would you know what to do? Would you be able to help?
I am glad there are easy to use websites like the National CPR Certification Organization offering CPR, AED and First Aid classes where you can learn this life saving skill.
Taking a CPR class is important. You may be face one day by a loved one that will need your assistance. Think about your family, friends and neighbors.
This year I would love for you to promise to learn these skills to respond to a life-threatening situation. National CPR Certification is offering the community FREE AED training with the purchase of any CPR class. Read more about our CPR and AED classes to discover how you can learn the necessary skills to save someones life.
Find out more and find the right CPR class for you. Call the National CPR Certification Organization or see their website:

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Samantha H. Kiva has been a professional researcher for over a decade. If you want to take her advice and learn CPR or get CPR certified , or find a great online CPR class she would love it!

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