How to choose the best club for golf

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With the golf boom in the world for several years, more and more golf equipment brands continue to flood into the country, in making golf enthusiasts have more choices at the same time, how to choose which ball to suit their own tools, many players would also become a new trouble.
What brand of ball on the selection of tools, I think we can be considered from two aspects. First: according to their preferences; the main influencing factors for the brand's reputation and price. Second: to know whether you want to buy brand products are suitable for their own; this is very important, especially beginners must pay attention to, because there are many well-known brand does not produce beginner rod, if the blind worship of brand-name goods is likely that you canít really enjoy the fun of the sport. I want to emphasize is this: do not buy the ball with the purchase of other goods like, for myself, not necessarily your best commodity goods, must go to choose a really suitable for my game.

Each brand will have a ball with a variety of models, a good buy when determining what kind of brands, most of the golfers often do not know what a model should be chosen with the ball? I believe that should also be considered from two aspects. First: choose the right swing rhythm, used products; Second: purpose; also said that: You want to adjust the direction of the ball, or want to increase the distance. Of course, for some golfers, it can be both. In general, we hit a "bad ball" can be divided into ten kinds: the right hook; left hook; the ball from right oblique; left oblique ball; "rockets" ball; "fragile" the ball (too easily after the spin from the wind); "stall" the ball (the ball is in flight, stall suddenly fall to the ground); "slow" ball (the ball was shot just a little bit of distance); "barber "ball; " hoe "ball; if often problem, you should adjust the direction from the point of view to the selection of new clubs; if often situation, we should increase the distance from the picking up area; if often phenomenon, most likely is: you are using a totally inappropriate for the ball with you!

In fact, the club also selected as the purchase of other goods, we can make reference to its specification data. However, I must first stress that the club selection and the selection of other commodities is not the same place: data from the specification is not to simply summarize the ball with the "good" and "bad" for all players with a good ball does not exist! Even for the same person (in high handicap players) for this club for you is almost always impossible! Because the high handicap player's swing, strength, speed, and habits with the play change with time, high handicap players will be more obvious changes. The characteristics of the ball with the specifications of the data by their own determined, and compared these data with a strong "mutual restraint" of! It brought a change in advantages at the same time will certainly bring other aspects of disadvantage. I pick the ball with the understanding that: the appropriateness of! Also called a matching! To choose according to their own situation with a match ball, is for their own good!

Ball with the specification data generally include: club length, weight, swing balance (SWING BALANCE); shaft weight, hardness (FLEX), bending point (KICK POINT), torque (TORQUE); head size, Loft (LOFT), center of gravity, landing angle (LIE), etc.; these data, some are clearly marked out, and some data is not marked out.

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