How to build a Koi Pond - Plan Before You Dig

By: John Stoner

Don't make the mistake of thinking any garden pond can handle Koi fish. That would be a big mistake. A koi pond is a complex water environment. It's a water filtration plant with fish in it. One of the biggest mistakes people make is not making the pond big enough. Koi fish are large. They need adequate space to move around in.
A koi pond needs to have the necessary equipment to insure god water quality and filtration. It needs to good aeration to keep the dissolved oxygen at the right level. For most ponds there will also be needed various pumps, heaters and an electrical supply. Good planning will make sure you thought through all aspects of the design.
You need to thinks about picking the right location. Make sure it has the views that are most desirable so you can enjoy your pond. Make sure it's located close to all the utility hook-ups you need. And don't forget about easy access to the location if you plan on using any power excavation equipment.
Think about the type of construction you want to use for the pond. The simplest approach and least expensive is the liner pond. You essentially excavate the pond and line it with a heavy liner. The other choice is a block wall pond. There are advantages and disadvantages to both.
One basic component you'll need to decide on is the type of filter system to use. There are many choices when it comes to filters but there are really two made categories - pump-fed and gravity-fed. Do some research to find the type best suited for your pond.
The type filtration system is a very important design consideration. You have to provide two types of filtration - mechanical and biological. Mechanical filtration breaks down and removes solid waste particles. Biological filtration supplies beneficial bacteria to breakdown pollutants in the water.
The best way to insure that the dissolved oxygen is maintained at the proper level is to provide good aeration for the pond. Fountains or waterfalls can do a great job and are attractive water features as well. With this comes the decision a on a pump - another critical component. You will have two choices - submersible or external. Submersible is a popular choice and a simple one to use.
It is easy to see why building a Koi pond is a big project. But by planning ahead, you can save yourself a lot of frustration and money. Plus, the results can be spectacular.

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