How to Use Natural Remedies to Deal with Hypertension

By: Yolande Koy

An increasingly common problem that is affecting almost 1/3 of Americans, as shown by existing statistics, is hypertension. More commonly known as high blood pressure, the incidence of this disease has increased at an alarming rate since the turn of the century. The common factors of hypertension would be build-up on the arterial wall, rapid heartbeats and an increase volume of blood.
No one is immune to this disease and it really does not distinguish whether you are young or old, male or female, your current health or what race you are. The widespread increase of this disease can be attributed to the modern inactive lifestyle, working in offices most of the time, poor nutrition and stress.
You can however treat hypertension or the the very least manage it by adopting a program for a healthy lifestyle incorporating, a balanced diet, exercise and herbal remedies. One of the most effective herbal remedy, which is also well known, is garlic. For those that would like to try a highly recommended herbalist combination, try garlic and raisin. Of course, it may be too much for those that only starting to use herbal remedies.
Something more tasty would be grapefruits. Although it has been a popular breakfast for some time now, not many people know the benefits of this great fruit. The elevated levels of vitamin P in the fruit make it a valuable fruit in combating hypertension. As a supplement to the grapefruit, you could take a carrot, another effective food to control hypertension.
Besides fruits and vegetables, you can use the more interesting herbs of hawthorn berries, Garcinia and a wonderful herb known as Shepherd's Purse. These herbs have the ability to help loosen the blood vessels, as well as cleanse them. Beyond that, you can use a blend of herb in an infusion, which is made by blending sarpagandha, lime blossoms, Siberian ginseng, mistletoe and motherwort. It is effective as it is, but if you want to lift it up another notch you can add a teaspoon of honey to the mix. Use this infusion daily and you will see a difference.
Honey is another food that can be used to deal with high blood pressure. It is able to strengthen your blood vessels and heart. The simplest way of taking honey is to make a drink out of it. Just mix one tablespoon of lemon juice and one teaspoon of honey to make a refreshing breakfast drink. If you are feeling especially adventurous, substitute onion juice for the lemon juice.
Having a balanced diet goes a long way in helping to deal with high blood pressure. Vegetables, especially tomatoes, spinach and leafy vegetables are great for dealing with high blood pressure. For in-between meal snacks, fruits offer a great alternative to regular junk food. Apples, oranges and bananas are easy to get at your local supermarket. Beyond that, you could also start fasting once or twice a week. On the day you are fasting, instead of taking your normal meals, drink fruit juices.
As a final point, you need to manage your stress. You can employ various natural methods to manage it such as yoga, aromatherapy or massage. Using these natural methods will help you wind down after a hectic day at work.

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