How to Take Care of Your Hair!

By: Jimmy Cox

"You have the prettiest hair!" That's the sort of compliment that everyone loves. And there's no doubt about it, the most becoming thing you can wear on your head is your hair - if it's lustrous, soft-looking and clean, clean, clean.

Because of its construction, your hair will catch and hold soot and dust, both of which dim its luster. To keep it clean and shining, you must brush it daily. The legend is one hundred strokes a day, but that isn't necessarily true. Fifty or so will probably keep it in good condition. You really should wash it at least once a week - more often if it is oily or if you've exposed it to a lot of dust or dirt or salt water.

Give Yourself a Professional Shampoo

A good hairdresser considers the quality of your hair and its condition when he washes it, and chooses the type of shampoo that will do its best for you. You should do the same.

If Your Hair is Fine as a Baby's

You'll find it is wispy and fly-away, apt to be full of electricity, dry and hard to manage. It may be shining as silk floss, right after it is washed, but such hair tends to look dull and dusty after a day or so unless it is handled properly. Special shampoos, some which are blended with egg and milk, are often recommended by experts. If you have hair like this, very soft and very fine, treat it very gently. It is apt to be quite breakable, so comb with a wide-toothed smooth comb that won't yank on tangles.

If Your Hair is Dry

You'll find it hard to manage and it will seem dull-looking. It is apt to break easily, which may lead you to think it is falling out. This is not usually true. You can tell by looking at the length of the strands caught in your brush and comb, and by testing the ends of your hair. If there is a definite bulge, the hair has fallen. If it has broken, both ends will be the same.

If Your Hair is Oily

Hair tends to mat and get stringy. Oily hair should be washed whenever it begins to droop - every three or four days is about average, but you may want to shampoo even oftener. With the proper preparation, it won't hurt a bit. Hair is wonderfully washable!

A Brush-up on Washing

First, BRUSH your hair to remove loose dust or skin particles.

Next, wet your hair thoroughly. If you wash your hair in the shower, a shampoo shield is a good investment, since it keeps water and soap out of your eyes. This is simply a plastic brim that fits around your hairline.

Apply the shampoo, rubbing it through your hair and onto your scalp. Work up a good lather, using the pads of your fingers to rotate the scalp at the same time. Here's brushing again! A plastic shampoo brush will do the trick to work in the suds around your hairline where makeup may have accumulated.

Rinse and Rinse Again

Rinse out the first soaping, thoroughly, under the shower or with a spray. When your hair squeaks, repeat the first step of applying and massaging shampoo on your hair and scalp. Now, rinse again. And thoroughly, please!

The final step is a cosmetic rinse, one that will add sheen and make your hair more manageable. Many of these are available and can do just about anything needed to improve your hair. Some add body to fine, flyaway hair. Others soften coarse, bristly, unmanageable locks-and make, them easier to set. Still another type will eventually correct an oily condition. And a perfectly wonderful new ''rinse" that you can just spray on will smooth out tangles like magic - a blessing for very curly or over-permed hair.

Treat your hair well and you will be well rewarded.

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