How to Take Care of Bubble Coral

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There are many people set up saltwater aquariums these days; most of them like to add coral as their saltwater aquariums decoration. Coral's just like other living things, it is recommended that you should understand this creature and have a good grasp of how to take care of it before you buy it. Coral is also a kind of animal that you'll add to your saltwater aquarium. Before making final decision to add this wonderful animal to your aquarium, you should fully understand how to take care of and maintenance of your lovely coral.

Bubble coral is the most common type of coral that are placed in saltwater aquariums. Since they are so common, I like to use this type of coral as a guideline. There are three subspecies in bubble coral family: pearl bubble coral, grape bubble coral, and simple bubble coral. They will be referred to as bubble coral throughout this whole article since they're all cared for in the same manner.

When you add them to the aquarium, it is one of the most crucial things to know how to space them. Bubble coral have long stinging cells tentacles. They remain retracted till nightfall in most cases, and will be extended when coral are fed. It is very easily to sting their neighbor coral in case they are too close. When positioning the coral in your aquarium, you need to be aware of this, try to keep them at least six inches away from others.

The availability of lighting is another important factor that you should put into consideration when doing placement. Bubble corals need sufficient light sources; it is advised that you place the coral near the surface and beside the tube in the hood. Slower water movement is good for Bubble coral. Be careful not to place them in any direct current, because direct current will force coral's vehicles keep retracted and die.

When you have the coral situated in the aquarium, you must remember it is a living animal and must eat just as your fish do. For bubble coral, feed it shrimp or small pieces of clam one to two times a week. Place the food morsels on the polyp of the coral. Any food that is trapped by the tentacles or among vesicles, will be eaten almost immediately. It is important not to overfeed the coral or your fish. Algae is a pest that will cause damage or even death of the coral. Keep the algae as controlled as possible by scheduled and routine cleaning of your aquarium. Bubble coral may also get flat worms. These worms are easily spotted and usually appear as circular spots on the coral's vesicles. They are not a cause for alarm and usually do little damage if any. However, if you notice a significant amount or a large population of these worms, you will have to take action as they could cause death.

It is important that you should learn all the best you can about coral before you put them in your aquarium. Though it is a great addition to any aquarium, many people still don't know how to take care for this animal. As long as you have a good grasp of it and able to take care for it in a proper manner, coral will surely make your aquarium a wonderful aqua paradise.

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