How to Sustain Aquamarine Jewelry

By: sandy rich

The beautiful gemstones weather a colored one or colorless, always enhance the beauty of every jewelry. Likewise, the striking bluish-green gemstone, Aquamarine also lifts up the charm and splendor of trinkets. It ranges in various hues and its durability and cut-rate price compared to other gems make it very popular amongst the consumers. There are various characteristics which make it unique and different from rest of the gems.
You can find a huge array of ornaments including- earrings, rings, pendants, necklace etc made of aquamarine stone. Its color and price make it loved by everyone common or royals. Now-a-days trends are changing on every alternate day. But, the fashion of aquamarine jewelry is ongoing for years. In one line we can say that, everything that is embedded with aquamarine gems looks fascinating.

1. Now the thing which hassle the consumer is how to keep and maintain the glory of captivating gemstone. Here, I am giving you some points, which will help in preserving the beauty of stone.

2. While dressing up for any occasion, make sure to wear the aquamarine jewelry at the last and remove it at the first.

3. Do not wear it while performing harsh and rough work like washing, gardening, cleaning or dusting. Otherwise you will spot some scratches over it.

4. If you over expose it in sunlight, aquamarine jewelry will turn out to be pale and youíll find some cracks over it.

5. It is recommended to use mild detergent for cleaning purpose. Never clean it with strong detergent or warm water.

6. Always keep your aquamarine jewelry in a box that has velvet lining over it, as it will help in protecting the stone from redundant scratches.
7. Before buying the jewelry, always examine it from the professional and reputable fine jewelers.

8. Say a big No to blow dryer or hot air on the aquamarine jewelry. Iíve seen many natives often wash the jewelry and keep it in front of blow dryer or hair dryer to dry it instantly. This is an erroneous practice and should be always avoided, as it will cause crack and make it look dull and deadly.

9. And you should never use ultrasonic cleaners while cleaning the aquamarine jewelry. It will cause harm to the stone.

I hope these points and preserving method will definitely help you in keeping the jewelry clean and shiny for a long time. Always remember, jewelry is a long term investment and you should always keep it with all the care and love. The awfully stunning aquamarine jewelry if reserved with accurate care then can be conceded down to generation to grow to be a folkís heirloom.

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