How to Stop Ringing in the Ears

By: Aidan Ashcroft

Many people experience the problem of ringing in the ears; this condition is normally known as Tonal Tinnitus. The person may hear this as a continual ringing or buzzing sound that is usually experienced more commonly in older people.
Ringing in the ears affects more than 17% of all people worldwide and is a common problem that is usually very loud and irritating to the person experiencing the condition. This ringing in the ears may be caused by many other problems such as a blocked canal, an ear infection or another disease called otosclerosis.
When you have this form of problem, your primary care doctor may send you to a specialist called an otolaryngologist; this doctor will be an expert in dealing with those who have tinnitus. You may have to endure hours of testing with equipment such as Residual Inhibitions, X-rays, Audiograms and Tinnitus Pitch Match as well as a few other tests that will give the doctor an idea of how to cure your problem.
For the most part, when you have tinnitus you will learn that this is a very hard thing to diagnose, so your specialist may suggest that you take advantage of some of the techniques being taught using the masking treatment.
For some people, there may also be times when the person will experience the ringing in the ears when they are sleeping, in this case a person may depend on the use of masking devices. These devices are much like the hearing aid except they provide some pleasant music or sounds that ease the problem of tinnitus.
You may also find that you can get some temporary relief when your doctor gives you a prescription for one of the medications known for helping people with tinnitus. You can choose from some seizure medications, Xanax and intravenous lidocaine, each has shown to be effective in relieving these conditions.
Sometimes a person experiencing ringing in the ears may have to get surgery (extremely rare) to correct the condition. However, most people prefer to stay away from the surgery as it has some serious side effects that could cause the situation to become worse.
Other people may turn to alternative medication to relieve the ringing in the ear. There are some activities that have been shown to help people suffering from the condition. They may try some relaxation techniques, some also find hypnosis to be valuable and they may also try yoga techniques to get rid of the ringing in the ears.
In a quite a few cases, patients may also have to where hearing devices, as ringing in the ears is known to cause considerable hearing loss for the person with this condition.
Lastly, this condition is known to clear up, when other health problems are cured, this may be the underlying cause of tinnitus, so when the person no longer has that condition they will also rid themselves of tinnitus. A few known problems include anemia, otosclerosis, Meniere's disease and high blood pressure.
In conclusion, ringing in the ears is a common condition that can affect anyone but is more common in older people. This condition is hard to diagnose, but there are ways to take control of the problem. A person may try masking techniques, medications and learning some relaxation methods that will help them to better cope with the ringing in the ears they experience.

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