How to Select the Most Suitable Solar Panel For You

By: Tyler Hodger

Switching over to solar power bestows a lot of advantages. However, there are so many types of solar panels it is difficult to decide which one is the most appropriate for your needs.
So how does one navigate the sea of possibilities and pick the best solar panel for his needs? Unfortunately, there are several types of solar panels and quite a lot of configurations, so making the ideal choice requires quite a bit of specialized knowledge.
One good way to begin this process is to find a company that specializes in installation of solar panels, and ask them for advice. They may send a specialist to come to your house and evaluate whether it is a fit with solar panels, and if so, what amount of power do you need. This will enable them to suggest the most appropriate solar panel configuration and type.
After determining whether solar power is suitable for you - (after all, it is possible that from one reason or another, solar panels might not be appropriate for you), you should research the leading companies that supply these panel systems.
There are four types of solar panels: solar roof tiles, solar patio covers, roof mounted solar panels and ground mounted solar panels:
1. Solar roof tiles are placed over your existing roof tiles and expertly made to interlock with them. These tiles are aesthetic and tastefully designed and tend to look very sleek. They come in different sizes and shapes and provide a much more sophisticated look than the traditional roof mounted systems. Both the installation and the solar roof tile materials are expensive. If you can afford it, this is one of the best solar panels which not only makes your house more aesthetic, but is also highly efficient in solving your energy problems.
2. Roof mounted solar panels also come in various styles. These are the most popular variety of solar panels as they are highly functional and versatile in comparison to the other types. These types of panels are placed on a frame which is fixed onto your roof. As a result, they do not require any major alterations to the roof. Moreover, they also protect your roof from the harsh weather elements thereby extending its life.
3. Solar patio covers. These solar panels are placed in the garden patio. Because of their size - they are the smallest of all solar panels - they are virtually invisible. An additional advantage of Solar patio covers, besides (obviously) generating electricity, is the shade they provide in the garden. Since many people don't live in houses which have roofs, this is the perfect solution in many situations.
4. Ground mounted solar panel system. This is the largest type of solar panel, and consequently, generates the greatest amount of electricity. In order to use this panel, normally you must have a lot of land space surrounding your house. Interestingly, by motorizing these panels, enabling them to move in the direction of the sun, the amount of generated electricity can be even further extended (by at least 39%).
Even though the above information provides a brief introduction on how to decide which solar panel to pick, nothing compares to the advice of a specialist who has years of experience in picking and installing solar panels. This is still the best course of action.
In conclusion, installing a solar panel in your home will provide you with free and efficient energy, and will also help protect our environment.

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Tyler Hodger has been studying and using solar panels for many years. In this article he provided useful advice to anyone who wishes to install solar panels in his home. To view more of his articles that will describe other eco-friendly ways to generate energy and may save you money, visit his website: Green Planet and Me.

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