How to Select the Most Excellent Diet

By: Earl Cabo

The best diet that you can pick out is one that works for you and your journey to lose the weight you desire to lose. As you search for the best diet I want you to think of something that is so essential to your complete success in your attempt to lose the weight.
If you lose 100 pounds you are never really a complete success, you are a recovering obese person. If you drop the pounds you want to shed you are never really done unless you can keep the weight off for the rest of your life. If you lose the weight and then gain it all back you are not a success, you have become a dismal failure in your weight loss journey.
As we begin this discussion as to what is the best diet you can choose to lose weight, you must include in your choice your ability to keep the weight off for the rest of your life. If you do not keep the weight off it does not matter how much weight you lost if you gain it all back again.
An excellent example of failed weight loss attempts comes from the Atkin's Diet. This diet promised so much to so many and it did deliver weight loss to the masses. The problem with the Atkin's Diet is that most people were/are unable to eat only what is needed to maintain Atkin's. The issue developed that after people lost all of the weight they stumbled back into carbohydrates and then gained more weight than they in the beginning lost.
Those who were a success turned into a failure because they were not able to maintain the weight loss. As you search for the best diet you must take into account that there will be life after the "diet" is over.
A less extreme alternative to Atkin's is The South Beach Diet. If you are really attracted to the carb free lifestyle then it is suggested that you bypass Atkins' and try The South Beach Diet. The South Beach Diet is much easier to go on on after you have lost the weight you want to shed.

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