How to Save Your Valuable Wedding Dress?

By: Sylvia

Buy a wedding home, after the wedding, it should be carefully hidden in the bottom, save my life. However, if you entrust it easily on the streets of small laundries, may regret it for life ---- as maintenance and other precious wedding clothing is very different. But as long as a few tips to master their own cleaning, preservation wedding is not difficult.

First, the time of purchase must ask, what is the wedding dress material, what is particular about a small flash chip, under normal circumstances, the owner will be all you know, laid to rest.

second, Wash wedding, wet cleaning is the key, because the small wedding decorations, such as beaded trims, and cannot stand the erosion of dry cleaning chemicals, the best method is to mix into a modest wedding, neutral detergent in water, soak for a while, this wine can be washed the banquet, Hun and other stains left behind, more bubbles for a while, even the invisible stains such as perspiration, wine stains can be removed.

Find a professional garment cleaning shop:
If your wedding is like a class of materials made of polyester, or to have extensive experience in the high-end dry cleaner is better. If your dress is made of materials like silk, I suggest you do a more professional handling. General cleaning of organic materials on the clothing as a small bead of wood and decorative patterns with a circular clothes like a small metal ornament, for this type of wedding garments need special care to find an expert on wedding physical, chemical testing, the corresponding maintenance plan. There are many companies offering this service.

Wedding wash, dry thoroughly, you can collect up to store in a cool dry place, such as a closet or under the bed, remember, do not hang up the wedding, because, the older the course of time, there are so weighty points wedding will produce vertical force, stretching or even tearing the skirt body.

There are two small problems to be mentioned: First, be sure to wash your hands before collection of wedding, do not glue cosmetics, or over time, there will be a small yellow spot on the wedding; there, the big wedding dress hoop can be reversed up collection, but every year you will turn the clothes to sun, hoop skirt to restitution, lest it loses its elasticity. After washing, it is best applied after use of ozone with UV disinfection.

End of the wedding, your wedding, you have bought the most expensive clothes and left the top piece of the day there are festive red wine sauce, how do you handle it? If you're going to put it and other clothing and put together her husband's shirts dry cleaning machines, be sure to note!

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