How to Quit Your Marijuana Habit and Succeed

By: Brian A. Halloway

So, you want to stop smoking weed. Well, the good news is, you are not alone. Every day, millions of people struggle with the idea of breaking free from their pot habit. The bad news however, is that theres just not a great support system out there for marijuana users that are seeking help, but dont want to check into a traditional rehab facility or 12-step program.
The marijuana issue is constantly misrepresented in the press [either glorified or demonized] and the U.S. government has been conflicted about their position for about the last eighty years. In recent years, a double standard has emerged in states like California; collect millions in state taxes from medical marijuana sales, while the federal government continues to punish those same taxpaying "legal" marijuana dealers.
It is easy to understand why so little in the way of support systems has developed in this environment of fear, greed, and hidden government agendas. Traditional Drug treatment facilities rarely attract chronic pot smokers, partially because the symptoms of marijuana addiction are so much less severe than other drugs. It is all too easy to smoke weed daily for twenty or thirty years and still appear to be more or less the same, fully functioning person to our friends and family.
For those of us that are ready to quit, the truth is that we are NOT the person we truly wish ourselves to be. Weed has become a negative force in our lives, with a long list of side effects that can no longer be ignored. The decision to quit comes from a place of deep inner unrest and dissatisfaction that comes straight from the heart.
With no established support network in place, marijuana users often don't know where to turn for unbiased advice, quality information and proven stop smoking weed methods. A good first step might be to compile a list of ways in which weed has negatively impacted your life. Following that, assemble a list of activities you want to accomplish. Keep your list closeby during your quitting period, it is an incredibly powerful tool. Armed with the knowledge that quitting weed is the right decision for you, and having your own personal list to reference during difficult times can keep you on the right track.
There are countless benefits to stop smoking weed, but the most powerful incentives will be the reasons most personal to you. If you would like to find out how others have been able to quit smoking weed, please visit The decision to confront your addiction and make the difficult choices and necessary changes in your lifestyle is the toughest step in the process. Visualize yourself free from your pot addiction. Visualize yourself laughing, being active in your daily life and having a good time without being stoned. This is truly the person you want to be, now you just need to make the decision to quit smoking pot.

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Want to find out more about how to stop smoking weed and turn your life around? If you have been burdened by your marijuana addiction for too long, it's time to make the best decision for yourself and your loved ones. Find out some tried and tested methods you can use to help you quit smoking pot and succeed.

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